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Welcome Back, Warriors!

We are so excited to kick off the new year tomorrow with our first day of school! It is going to be our best year yet. We are going to have so much fun, learn so much, and grow so much together. It's going to be wonderful!

We had a great Family Orientation and Open House Thursday night, celebrating being Joyfully Different and Unashamedly Christian! We also covered some very important school year notes--please see the bottom of this news update for a brief summary of key items.

First Day Photos

For our first day tomorrow, we will be taking photos for all the families. If you want your photos taken, you'll need to park and bring your kids in through the main front doors.

First day Assembly--Monday, 830am Auditorium

We will also have a school-wide assembly at 8:30 in the Auditorium and all parents are invited to join us. We will be speaking to all the students, reminding them of our values and culture, as well as worshipping together as a whole school.

Junior and Senior English Trip to OKBU This year we will begin making deliberate trips to college campuses for programs and tours for upper-class students. Our first trip of this kind happens this week. All Junior and Senior students will attend a literary day at Oklahoma Baptist University on Friday, September 2nd. Students will travel up on Thursday evening, stay the night, and return on Friday evening. Mr. Wright and Ms. Shelton will be the trip chaperones. The only costs parents are asked to cover are the students' meals.

Parents of Junior and Senior students will need to complete an Off-Campus Permission form for their children to attend. This will be sent home Monday. There is no cost to students for the workshop. For additional information, contact Ms. Shelton at

The next trip will happen this fall to Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. More details to come soon.

Athletic Practice, every day except Wednesdays until 430pm

Upper level athletes and all 6th grade students who will play on the junior high teams, will practice each day after school until 430pm. ALL upper level students are encouraged to play basketball. As a small school we need everyone! It is also great physical fitness, discipleship, and team building for our students. Student must have school issued athletic uniforms for athletics and practices.

THERE will be NO after school practice on Monday, the first day of school--this week only. After school practice will begin on Tuesday this week only.

Labor Day--No School Monday , September 5th

Labor Day is Monday, September 5. There will be no school on that day! Enjoy.

Founder's Day Meetings--Watch for your Invite!

Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher will be opening their home to meet with parents. All parents will receive an invite for one of the nights. Watch for your invite!

Scholar Induction--September 22 Mark your calendar!

Scholar Induction, our first formal event of the year, is happening on Thursday, September 22. The ceremony will induct new students into our four student stages: Rookies (K-2); Protégés (3-6); Apprentices (7-9); and Scholars (10-12). This is one of our unique formal events at Legacy Academy that helps us define the culture of our school and celebrate what it means to be part of our family: one more way that we are Joyfully Different.

Key Take Aways and Reminders from Orientation & the Handbook

  • Absences--It is very important for students not miss. Parents must contact the office any morning your student will be absent and why. All absences must have a note from a doctor for appointments, a note from parents for family emergencies, etc. to be excused. Absences tremendously hurt the students' academics and the teachers' work load.

  • Driving--Upper level students who want to drive on campus MUST complete a form in the office.

  • Uniforms--the dress code will be strictly enforced. Please be sure all uniforms are clean. Be sure all shorts and skirts are knee length. Please be sure that pants are NOT tight. Leggings, stretchy pants, etc. are not acceptable.

  • Cell phones and other such devices--may not be out on campus. They must be put away at all times. Confiscated devices may be picked up by parents only from the office.

  • Serving--remember that all families sign a commitment to volunteer at least 10 hours. Please pitch in and don't let others do all the work. Let's share the load!

  • School logo--it cannot be used without permission. It cannot be used to have shirts or any other items made. If you have an idea, please pass it on to the Warrior Shop.

  • Financial Accounts--please be sure you've set your auto draft up and help the office complete any missing paperwork

  • Handbook--please carefully review the handbook again for updates and to refresh your students about rules.

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