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The Legacy Center

Legacy Academy is sponsored by The Legacy Center, a local church that has carried the mission, costs, and responsibilities of the school with sacrificial joy. 

Congress WBN

Legacy Academy's affiliation with Congress WBN provides rich resources, assistance, and guidance for values-based education and youth development. With their sector, Education & Human Development there is a strong focus on developing students morally, well beyond their academic development alone.


Legacy Academy is a member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools. The ACCS is a tremendous resource to the school for governance, academics, teacher training and much more. The ACCS website provides more information on classical learning and the association.  

Succeed Scholarship

The Succeed Scholarship is for students who previously attended a public school and had an IEP (Individual Education Plan) or for students who attend a private school but have an ISP (Individual Service Plan). See the office to discuss eligibility.

Heartland Christian Athletic Association
Legacy Academy is a member of the HCAA sports program. HCAA is an AAA recognized athletic association. The association sanctions multiple competitive school sports.

Arkansas Association of Christian Schools 
Legacy Academy is member of the AACS. Initially started as an athletic association, ACCS now works to provide member services to Arkansas Christian schools and provide support to this important mission.

Arkansas Family Council

The Arkansas Family Council promotes Biblical and family values by impacting public opinion and policy in Arkansas. It has been a leader in securing educational freedom for Homeschool families and families wanting to ensure they have the ability to educate their children in a faith-centric manner.

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