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Age 4-5

At Legacy Academy, we believe it to be a wonderful thing if a child can be at home with his or her mother until starting Kindergarten. However, life does not always arrange itself to where this works for every family. If Pre-K is a consideration for your family, then your student could enroll in full or part-time classes for Pre-K to begin preparing for Kindergarten. 

Your child will receive:

  • A Small Class Size

  • Preparedness for Kindergarten and beyond

  • A Loving and tender atmosphere to grow

  • a full course effort in mathematics and reading

  • abundant use of songs and hands on learning activities.


Curriculum for the pre-school has been developed using materials from a wide variety of resources. Learning centers and activities are designed to develop: good behavior and school readiness, math concepts, language, and listening skills, social skills, environmental and cultural awareness, large and fine motor skills, and spiritual growth. We use an integrated curriculum, combining hands-on and written tasks. We emphasize number and letter recognition and concepts. We structure activities so that the children achieve success and receive praise for their efforts anticipating the encouragement of good behavior and school readiness. Recognition is given for attentiveness, following directions, positive behavior, and the acceptance of responsibility.

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