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Grammar Level

In the Grammar Level your child will receive:

  • Small class sizes

  • 1-on-1 teacher interaction

  • Hands on learning

  • Introduction of a Foreign Language

  • Music & art lessons

  • Competitive sports & physical education

Legacy Academy’s Grammar School levels are designed to give your student a strong and enjoyable start to school in a safe and fun environment. Teachers understand that learning


must be both challenging and delightful. Students are taught reading, writing, mathematics, Latin, science, history, English, music, art, and physical education.


Legacy Academy uses a rich variety of thorough curriculum that is aligned with the classical approach to education. Students will learn through Classical methods that integrate all subjects and teach part to whole. This concept lays a proper foundation for future learning. Classes use a variety of hands-on and demonstrative learning methods. In addition to the rich academic program, Legacy Academy utilizes basic Biblical principles to help the students develop a truly Christian worldview. This non-sectarian approach reinforces that Christ is central to life and God the creator of all things. Students learn basic values such as honesty, patience, kindness, service to others, obedience, and are instructed in old fashion manners. This allows the students to become prepared to function well with others in classroom settings and learn how to behave and interact with their age group, with adults, and how to function properly in society.

One day these children will be husbands, wives, parents, teachers, corporate leaders, business owners, employees, and leaders in our communities. Proper development now will protect them from situations they are not yet ready to encounter and prepare them to one day succeed in any field they enter. Developing the whole child means we are helping parents develop morally upright, academically excellent, and socially graceful students. This investment today will ensure their success tomorrow.

Legacy Academy offers a scholarship program for the grammar school. The scholarship program enables access to  this educational opportunity for every family!

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