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Why Uniforms?

Legacy Academy students wear uniforms because a common uniform helps us build school culture and create a common school identity among our students. Uniforms also limit the focus on external definers, such as the brand of one's clothing, etc. Wearing uniforms reduces the student's focus on self and self-expression and encourages an environment in which internal character may be emphasized. Uniforms also simplify choices for parents and students!

Through the Legacy uniform policy, we aim for our uniforms to be as affordable as is possible, simple in understanding, and professional in presentation. 

Please closely note the Uniform Chart below and the current Student Handbook for uniform requirements.

Updates for 2019-2020:

  • Weekly Professional Attire for Logic & Rhetoric Level Students. For the last several years, Upper-Level students have dressed up for "Professional Day". These students will wear a defined common professional uniform one day a week.

  • Legacy Academy now has an online store. Daily shirts (polos), sweaters, and athletic clothes must be purchased through the online store to ensure true uniformity. You will also be able to buy sports gear and other items here, as well.

  • Legacy Scholars will add a blazer to their Professional Day uniform with a Legacy Academy logo after a special event in the fall.


  • Students must keep their hair cut neatly and clean. Unnatural dyes are not permitted except when given specific permissions for school Spirit days.

  • Students are expected to have a clean and professional presentation. Their clothes should be washed and residue-free every day of attendance. Uniforms should be relatively wrinkle-free and without holes or tears. 

  • Male students should keep their hair groomed. Their hair should not grow longer than the middle of their collar, cover the sides of his ears, or hang down in his face.

  • Shorts and skirts should reach the middle of the knee--using the line on the back of the knee.

  • Jackets, hoodies, and pullovers may not be worn indoors.

  • Tattoos (permanent or temporary) shall not be visible on campus or at school-sanctioned events.

  • Oxford shirts for all male students and grammar level girls should be tucked in. Upper-Level girls are not required to do so.

  • All undergarments, including camisoles and undershirts, should be worn out of sight and not noticeable through school clothing.

  • Clothing should be comfortably loose fitting and not too tight.

  • Small earrings in the earlobes are permissible for female students. All other jewelry piercing is prohibited. Gauges are not permitted.  

  • Male students must be cleanly shaven.

  • Hats are not permitted indoors.

  • Skinny pants, linen pants, jogging pants, sweat pants, denim, & athletic/running shorts are not permitted.

  • Yoga/work out pants (navy or black) may be worn under the athletic/PE uniform only.

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