Student Life

Legacy Academy is committed to educating the whole child. We aim to develop well-rounded members of society. Human development and learning is not limited to the classroom. In fact, all of life should be an educational tool helping shape each life for future. As Legacy Academy grows, we have deliberately added extra-curricular activities with more offerings planned for the future. Sports, music, art, clubs, entrepreneurial opportunities, and internships are all designed to help aid our students in a holistic education and in crafting an enjoyable, fun experience. 

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Athletics are a great way to further build character in our students, teach them the value of a team, the importance of being a selfless, team-minded member. Athletics also strengthen a student's physical body, their friendships and the entire school culture.

We encourage all students to participate in Athletics, where our focus is not solely on winning but on every student having a great experience, building relationships, having fun, and developing important life skills.




Warriors and Lady Warriors Sports include:

Basketball - A fall sport for students entering 6th grade and up. The Warriors and Lady Warriors are working hard to build our basketball program! We began competitive sports with a Junior High basketball team in the 2017-18 school year. 2020-21 is our first year to have all four teams--Junior High boys and girls, as well as Senior High boys and girls. Summer workouts are included for basketball.

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Legacy is also pleased to field basketball teams in the area mini-hoops league for students in grades 3-6.  To register for 20-21 Pee Wee Basketball Register HERE!

Track & Field - Legacy offers competitive track & field teams for students entering the 3rd grade and up. Our elementary, JV, and SR teams all compete in district, regional, and state track & field meets. Students participate in individual and team events. 2018-2019 was our first track & field season and it was a very successful one. 


Rodeo, Tennis, Golf, and Cross Country are slated to be added next. In the long-term, soccer and baseball are also both under consideration. 



Legacy Academy has its own 4H Club. Students are all encouraged to participate in 4H, as it creates an opportunity to develop leadership skills, learn important life skills, and participate in unique events that they might not otherwise have exposure to as a student. 

Legacy's 4H club meets monthly and is student-led with parent-volunteers overseeing the club. 

Legacy is on a path to eventually add an FFA program for students. 



Music matters. 

Legacy offers choir and lessons on musical instruments, such as the guitar and violin.

Too many times school is focused on teaching to a test with an emphasis on short-term memory. While this may help a child achieve well on one test, it's rare that they retain that information. We are focused on long-term mastery. This means ensuring students take possession of the knowledge they learn for the long term. The part of the brain that processes long-term memory and the part that processes music lie next to each other. Nothing is more effective in improving long-term mastery and in improving math skills than the accent of music. 

In addition to the educational benefits, music is fun and offers students an opportunity to learn a skill for life. When you're 80, it might be difficult to play a pickup game of basketball or soccer but you could break out your guitar or sit down at the piano and enjoy every minute of it. 



At Legacy, we believe that schools should teach important life skills. This is why in our Personal Finance class students learn how to balance a checkbook and how to buy a car. We also think an important part of learning for science and for healthy living is understanding how gardening works, where food comes from, and how to raise and grow food. Our gardening program is in full bloom and growing. This is one time we love seeing our students play in the dirt!

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