Pee Wee Basketball

PeeWee basketball is in motion! If your student did not sign up, please do so immediately. We will order the uniforms at the first of the week, so any late registrants must do so quickly, but we want and need everyone to play!

Players will be issued a jersey and shorts for the season.

If possible, we would ask that you leave a pair of shoes here at school that are only for the basketball court and are never worn outside or anywhere else. We can put them in a cubby for your player. That is not required but encouraged. We ask that players not wear street shoes on the gym floor to protect it.

Scheduling games has been slow because of Covid but those details are being worked out. We will get details out to you as soon as we have a schedule.


--3/4 Grade Girls, Coach Browning, Practices: Thursday 4:15-5:15 pm and Sundays at 2-3pm

--3/4 Grade Boys, Coaches: Ethan G. & Zane M. Practices: Mondays 4:15-5:15pm, Sundays 4-5pm

--5/6 Grade Girls, Coaches: Launius/Wright, Practices: Mondays: 315-415pm, Sundays 3-4pm

5/6 Grade Boys, Coach Gallagher: Practices: Mondays 414-515pm, Sundays 4-5pm

We are still in need of additional coaches. If you can help coach, please let us know!

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