Let's Celebrate--Tuesday and Friday at 7pm!

Well, Covid-19 may have slowed us down but it can't stop us! We are looking forward to celebrating in a big way this week!

TUESDAY--7pm Honor & Awards Ceremony--Warrior Gym

Tuesday night will be a full night of fun for our entire school! All students are expected to attend and wear their formal uniform. Chairs are set up in the gym (where the new air conditioning is blowing cold!) and the rows are spaced out to permit social distancing.

We will have Kindergarten graduation, Athletic Awards, Academic Awards, and Character Awards. We will also see an amazing video recapping the entire school year.

After the ceremony, yearbooks can be picked up in the auditorium and students may sign one another's yearbooks.

Please make plans to attend and invite your family and friends.

If you can help clean or decorate today or tomorrow, please let us know!

FRIDAY--Commencement, 6/19/20 7pm

Our first ever commencement will be Friday evening in the gym. This is an important night for the school and a lot of thought and effort has gone into making it a great night. We want our entire school family to be there and let us celebrate this milestone together. Commencement will be held in the gym and there will be tables set up for gifts and cards for the graduates in the auditorium.

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