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LA News --The Countdown! Orientation is Thursday!

Work This Week

In the final week before school starts, there are still lots of tasks to be done at the school. If you can come by – even for an hour – to help get things ready, just come by. Volunteers are needed and welcomed both during the day and the evenings. If you are coming in the evening, let us know so that we can make sure you have access to the building.

Jobs include weedeating and mowing, moving library furniture, helping set up rooms, hauling off some items, replacing lights, and much more. The list is long, but it will get done as we all pitch in!

Just come by whenever you can and lend us a hand.

Orientation & Open House -- Thursday, 8/25/22

Orientation and Open House is happening on Thursday, August 25th at 6 pm. It will take place in the LA Auditorium and is mandatory for all families to attend. It will include important information regarding the new year, and also give everyone a chance to meet their teachers and tour the facility.

Warrior Shop

The Warrior Shop will be open this week on Tuesday and Thursday from 1pm-6pm.

First Day of School -- Monday, 8/29/22

It's almost here!

Guitar Class

Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will be taking a guitar class this year. As such, students in these grades will need a guitar for use in this class. To help guide you, it should be a 6-string acoustic guitar and not an electric guitar. If it has a built-in tuner that is a nice optional extra to have but not at all critical.

If you are going to buy a new guitar, some recommendations are:

  • Yamaha FG-800 (approx. $220)

  • Fender CD-60S (approx. $260)

  • Fender Squire (approx. $180)

You may also be able to find a second-hand guitar for less than this. Fender, Yamaha, Martin, Taylor, and Washburn are all reliable brands and will usually be worth buying. Typically, the more expensive the instrument, the longer it will be likely to last. If the guitar will be used for the next 10 years, it might be worth investing in a more expensive instrument.

While it is preferred that students purchase their own guitar to have and own for many years to use, a guitar may be rented from the school for $150 for the year. Students will be able to take the rented guitar home during the year but not keep it next summer unless they purchase it. We want to ensure every student can easily enjoy the class and fully participate. We apologize for the short notice, as this class has just come together.

If you have any questions, please call the office or email Mr. Wright at

Junior and Senior English Trip to OKBU

This year we will begin making deliberate trips to college campuses for programs and tours for upper-class students. Our first trip of this kind is now set. All Junior and Senior students will attend a day trip to Oklahoma Baptist University on Friday, September 2nd. The day-long conference is focused on Reading the Great Books and includes a variety of lectures and workshops to develop students’ reading skills. Students will have the added benefit of experiencing a college campus visit.

Parents of Junior and Senior students will need to complete an Off-Campus Permission form for their children to attend. There is no cost to students for the workshop. Students will travel up on Thursday evening, stay the night, and return on Friday evening. Mr. Wright and Ms. Shelton will be the trip chaperones. The only costs parents are asked to cover are the students' meals.

Parents who wish to attend can do so at their own cost, and they should contact Ms. Shelton at for additional information.

The next trip will happen this fall to Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia. More details to come soon.

Substitute Teachers

As we start the new year, we are in need of adding some new substitute teachers to our roster. If you or someone you know would be willing to help us with this task, please contact Mrs. Kesterson at 870-642-8937 or Substitutes will be used for any planned staff absences (trips etc.) and unplanned absences (e.g. illness).

Substitutes are a critical part of keeping the whole school running seamlessly, and it is one other way that you can volunteer to help the school!

Housekeeping Staff Needed

Our housekeeping staff still needs one more worker to help with the housekeeping and food services. Let us know if you have recommendations for this position. Applications can be made online through the form on the Resources page of our website. Call the office or email for more information.

Scholar Induction -- Save the Date 9/22/22

Our first formal school event of the year is coming up soon – Scholar Induction Ceremony is happening on Thursday, September 22nd. The ceremony will induct new students into our four student stages: Rookies (K-2); Protégés (3-6); Apprentices (7-9); and Scholars (10-12).

This is one of our unique formal events at Legacy Academy that helps us define the culture of our school and celebrate what it means to be part of our family: one more way that we are Joyfully Different.

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