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LA News -- January 29th

Founder's Note

It's the time of year that we begin to look strongly toward next year. What a beautiful thing it is to have a Christian school with excellent teachers, wonderful families, and fantastic students all focused on providing students a safe place in a chaotic world, loving support in a toxic culture, and a sincere effort to prioritize the importance of following Christ all of their days. We are grateful to get to come alongside parents as they labor in love to lead their children by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the instruction of God's word, and to secure them in their faith in Christ.

Help us look toward next year and pray with us for God to bring us additional families desiring a Christian context for their children and additional teachers who would be great additions to the team. Your prayers and recommendations are coveted!

Coming Up

  • Monday 1/29 Basketball -- Junior High Tournament 4pm @ CMA, Hot Springs

  • All week--Junior High Basketball Tournament

Lunch Menu


The Junior High HCAA Tournament is beginning on Monday - our two junior teams will be competing throughout the week, with the final being played on Saturday at Wright Christian Academy in Tulsa, OK.

Girls and boys brackets are included below.

Games This Week

Monday 1/29 @ CMA, (548 Brookhill Ranch Road Campus North, Hot Springs, AR 71909)

4:00pm JB v. Garrett Memorial

5:10pm JG v. Valley Christian

Bus departing campus at 1pm

If they win:

Junior Girls play Thursday 4pm @ Southwest Christian (Little Rock)

Bus departure: 1pm

Junior Boys play Friday 2:30pm @ Union Christian (Fort Smith)

Bus departure: 11am

Finals (if they win all games above):

Saturday 11:30am (Girls) & 7:00pm (Boys) @ Wright Christian (Tulsa, OK)

Practices This Week

  • Girls' practice M-F 7am

  • Boys will have normal after-school practices this week (Monday--senior boys team members who are not traveling to cheer on a sibling, etc. at the junior game, will have shooting practice until 4:30p on Monday.)

HCAA Tournament Shirts

Senior High HCAA Tournament shirts are still available for ordering until February 1st! All shirts will be available to pick up at the HCAA Tournament. Click the link HERE to order. 

Upper Level: Past Due Work

Parents, we are facing a challenge with some students not turning work in in a timely fashion. This puts them behind and makes it hard for them to learn current lessons because the lessons build on each other, and it creates a great deal of additional work for teachers. In many settings, students might just take a zero. However, at LA even if they receive a lower grade for not doing the work on time they MUST do the work. They must learn the importance of handling their responsibilities, plus we must ensure that they mastered the material (even if they didn't get a grade for it) because future lessons will build on what they learn.

We NEED parental help in requiring your students to do their homework and turn it in on time. There are currently 15 upper-level students on the past-due list. Some with several past-due assignments. Please help us rectify this. The office or your student's teachers can provide you with details. Upper-Level students are old enough to manage their homework load and to be accountable to their parents for it.


The LEARNS Act empowers parents to choose where their child goes to school and sets up Education Freedom Accounts that allow parents to direct dollars to qualified private schools to help pay for tuition. The 2024-2025 school year will bring us even closer to universal funding to help every Arkansas family choose the education they desire for their child without being limited by financials. These new accounts will provide 90% of the state's education foundation formula, which will pay full tuition for a student at Legacy Academy.

Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and the application process is already open for 2024-2025!

All Legacy students currently receiving EFA funding will continue to be eligible to do so. In addition, for the upcoming year, the following students are eligible:

  • ALL Kindergarteners

  • Students currently or ever in foster care

  • Students with disabilities

  • Children of veterans and military reservists

  • Students enrolled in "D" or "F"-grade public school districts (Mineral Springs, Ashdown)

  • Children of law enforcement officers and first responders (firefighters, emergency medical providers, and emergency medical officials)

Applications can be filled out online.

Lost & Found

We have lots of unclaimed clothing in our Lost & Found! Please come and see if anything is belonging to your family!

Staffing & Substitutes

Don't forget we need substitutes. Please contact the office if you might be able to sub --

We are also hoping to hire one additional grammar-level teacher for the remainder of this year. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree.

We are beginning our hiring efforts for next school year, as well. Help us find the perfect teacher match and fill positions!

Photos from the Week!

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