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LA News -- February 19th

WINTER BREAK--No School Monday. Enjoy!

Coming Up

  • M 2/19 -- NO SCHOOL

  • W 2/21 -- Spring Follies Practice 3-4:30 (7-12th)

  • Th 2/22 -- Athletics Photos (daytime)

  • Th 2/22 -- Track Practice 3-4:30 (6-12th)

  • Fr 2/23 -- Spring Follies Practice 3-4:30 (7-12th)

  • Fr 2/23 -- Movie Night 5-8pm -- Spring Follies Fundraiser

Next Week:

  • M 2/26 -- Track Practice 3-4:30 (6-12th)

  • W 2/28 -- Spring Follies Practice 3-4:30 (7-8th)

  • Th 2/29 -- Track Practice 3-4:30 (6-12th)

  • Fr 3/1 -- Spring Follies Practice 3-4:30 (9-12th)

  • Sa 3/2 -- Track Meet

  • Th-Fr 3/7-8 -- Oral Roberts University visit (Rhetoric students)

*After school practices for the remainder of February: M/Th Track until 430pm, Wednesdays Spring Follies 7/8, Fridays Spring Follies 9-12.

Lunch Menu


Basketball season has come to an end, with our Lady Warriors coming runners-up in the HCAA Regional Tournament, and both of our senior teams making it to the HCAA State Tournament but eliminated in the first round. We are immensely proud of all our teams, and it is a joy to work with our players day-by-day, seeing them improve and, most importantly, seeing their hearts and character develop into young men and women who choose to love and follow the Lord for themselves.

Youth Baseball Survey

There has been some consideration to LA sponsoring youth baseball teams, especially since Lockesburg no longer has teams to participate in the area league. Lower level parents received a survey last week. We are considering this for this year or future years. Your participation in the survey is critical and very helpful to us in making decisions. Since families need to sign up in other programs soon, please complete the survey TODAY. It's findings will be reviewed on Monday and a new message will be sent out to lower level thereafter with an update. CLICK HERE FOR THE SURVEY.

Track Season Begins

Track Practices

Track season has now started, and our regular practice schedule will be on Mondays and Thursdays after school until 430pm. 6th-grade students are invited to join. All basketball players are expected to participate in track. It is excellent off-season conditioning. The track and field events provide a nice variety for our student-athletes.

This Week:

  • Th 3:00-4:30 pm

Track Meets--Save the Dates

Below are our currently scheduled track meets. Additional meets will be joined and are likely to take place on Tuesdays for Junior High (6-9) and Thursdays for Senior High (10-12).

  • Saturday, March 2

  • Saturday, April 27

  • Saturday, May 5 -- STATE CHAMPIONSHIP

Athletics Photos -- This Thursday, 2/22

Athletics photos are scheduled for Thursday, February 22nd, and will include track, cross country, and all basketball teams. Pee Wee parents, if you have not returned your student’s jersey to school please do so before this time! Pee Wee students will also need to bring their blue athletics shorts on this day. 

Ordering through Lifetouch is now done exclusively online for sports photos. Further instructions can be found in this flyer.

Sports Photos
Download PDF • 245KB

Lower Level Movie Night! Friday 23rd, 5pm

The student council is holding a 2024 Spring Follies Fundraiser. On Friday, February 23, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm, we will invite parents to have a night off while the LA Student Council members watch their children. The cost will be $15 for 1 child; each additional sibling will be $10. We will be watching Kung Fu Panda and playing games in the Auditorium. We will have snacks and drinks, too! Help the student council raise funds for additional stage props and costumes for Spring Follies!

If you have any questions, contact Mrs. Garner

Campus Progress Zone! New Fence & Gates

This week should begin the installation of new fencing along the front and east side of our campus, to include new gates at all vehicle entrances. Once complete, vehicles will have to pass through our gates to enter the campus. These will be automatically opened for school pick up and drop off and will have controlled access for other times during the day. This will give us another layer of campus safety and will contribute the aesthetics of our campus, as well. There will be more details and instructions coming after installation.

Practices: Spring Follies and Spring Formal

As we approach Spring Formal (Freshmen-Seniors) and Spring Follies, we will be scheduling after-school practices for these events. For Follies, the Lower Level will rehearse during school hours, and the Upper Level will have some after-school practices.

Practices for the remainder of February are outlined above and will be forthcoming for March.

College Visits--Next ORU 3/7-8

Over the last couple of years, we've been intentionally visiting Christian colleges and universities with our older students. We've visited Ouachita Baptist University and Oklahoma Baptist University. Up next is Oral Roberts University in Tulsa. John Brown University is the next visit to follow thereafter, and others are being mapped out for next fall. Each of these visits is a good opportunity for students to be exposed to Christian education at the university level. Certainly, a student may find where they are supposed to go to college, if that is in God's design for their lives, but might also be that one class visited, one statement made, or one group conversation is the one that brings some clarity of sense of direction to them for this critical time of decision making in their lives.

Our Rhetoric students (Sophomores - Seniors) will make a trip to ORU on 3/7-8. Additional details will be sent home this week. If you have questions contact Mrs. Nix or Mrs. Garner. Thank you! Rhetoric students, please get your permission slip submitted!

Solar Eclipse-- April 8th

On Monday, April 8, part of Arkansas will experience a total solar eclipse. Our school is in the path of totality so we are aiming to have a normal school morning and then do fun activities and watch the eclipse in the afternoon.  Parents and families are invited to join us for the event, too. Keep an eye out for more details coming soon!

If you have any questions, please direct them to Mr. Ward:

Class of 2024 NEWS!

Seniors--here are a few important notes!

Scholarship forms for local students from the local Farm Bureau agency can be picked up in the office from Mrs. Kesterson or Mr. Gallagher!

This is a link to information on the Arkansas Challenge Scholarship. This is an important scholarship that will pay for college courses--including many trade courses, at local and 4-year colleges.

Also, students who will go on to any additional study--academically or in trade will need to apply for FAFSA to get set up for scholarships and assistance. Click HERE to do so.

The Arkansas Future Grant is a scholarship for high-demand jobs in Arkansas. Many options are offered, including welding, automotive, diesel technology, HVAC, etc. 

See Mr. Gallagher for more information or help with any of these.

A note will go out to senior parents soon about caps and gowns. In the meantime, please help make sure your senior is securing their required service hours and is on track to complete their capstone project!

Arkansas Community Foundation Scholarships now available

Arkansas Community Foundation recently announced that scholarships are now available for Arkansas students.

Arkansas students that are pursuing education at two or four year colleges or universities, vocational schools or technical training programs can apply for the Community Foundation’s scholarships.

Community Foundation president and CEO Heather Larkin said-quote “Since 1976, the Community Foundation has partnered with individuals and organizations who want to support students in their pursuit of higher education.”

Scholarships with statewide eligibility include:

  • Advancing Women in Transportation Scholarship, provides a scholarship to female students who plan to pursue a career in a transportation related field in Arkansas

  • Anne Pressly Scholarship, to memorialize the legacy of Anne Pressly and support a graduating high school senior woman who plans to pursue a career in Journalism

  • Arkansas Service Memorial Scholarship, for students who are children of Arkansans who lost their life in service in the state, nation or community

  • Barbara Mashburn Memorial Scholarship, provides a scholarship for a graduate of an Arkansas high school pursuing an education as a vocalist

  • East Student Scholarship, provides a scholarship to a graduating senior who attends any high school with an EAST program

  • Elizabeth G. Redman Republican Party of Arkansas Scholarship, for students who are members of or active in the Republican Party of Arkansas

  • Herchel and Melba A. Fildes Scholarship, provides a scholarship to students studying nursing and attending Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas or Arkansas State University in Beebe

  • Lillian McGillicuddy Republican Party of Arkansas Scholarship, for students who are members of the Arkansas Federation of Young Republicans or are active in the Republican Party of Arkansas

  • Marie and Bob Marshall Republican Party of Arkansas Scholarship, for students who are members of or active in the Republican Party of Arkansas

  • Merwin T. and Agnes Bowman Nursing Scholarship, for students seeking a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or equivalent degree from a qualified institution

  • Poultry Federation Scholarship, provides scholarships to students pursuing a degree related to the poultry industry and attending a school in the University of Arkansas system, Arkansas State University system, Arkansas Tech University or Southern Arkansas University

  • Robert P. Atkinson Hospital Leadership and Scholarship, provides a scholarship to students pursuing an advanced degree with an emphasis in healthcare and/or hospital administration

  • Ryan Mondy D.A.S.H. Memorial Scholarship, provides scholarships to graduating seniors whose lives have been affected by cancer

For more information about these and other scholarships, visit www. Deadline for scholarships can be found on the application portal.

We are Enrolling New Students

ACE Scholarships

ACE Scholarship are now open! Apply now, if you are eligible, to secure your scholarship for the next school year.


The LEARNS Act empowers parents to choose where their child goes to school and sets up Education Freedom Accounts that allow parents to direct dollars to qualified private schools to help pay for tuition. The 2024-2025 school year will bring us even closer to universal funding to help every Arkansas family choose the education they desire for their child without being limited by financials. These new accounts will provide 90% of the state's education foundation formula, which will pay full tuition for a student at Legacy Academy.

Funding is allocated on a first-come, first-served basis and the application process is already open for 2024-2025!

All Legacy students currently receiving EFA funding will continue to be eligible to do so. In addition, for the upcoming year, the following students are eligible:

  • ALL Kindergarteners

  • Students currently or ever in foster care

  • Students with disabilities

  • Children of veterans and military reservists

  • Students enrolled in "D" or "F"-grade public school districts (Mineral Springs, Ashdown)

  • Children of law enforcement officers and first responders (firefighters, emergency medical providers, and emergency medical officials)

Applications can be filled out online.

We are Hiring!

Don't forget we need substitutes. Please contact the office if you might be able to sub --

We are also hoping to hire one additional grammar-level teacher for the remainder of this year. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree.

We are beginning our hiring efforts for next school year, as well. Help us find the perfect teacher match and fill positions!

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