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End of Year Events - Help Needed

Honors & Awards Ceremony

Tuesday, June 16th - 7pm


Friday, June 19th - 7pm

Send in your videos to congratulate and encourage our first graduating students! We know they will love hearing your stories, memories and messages! For our Honors & Award Ceremony, we need students to come up with ideas for any of the following that they would like to present: a song, a scripture reading, or a memorized citation of a speech or poem, etc. (maybe relevant to the current crisis) that would be a good fit for this celebratory evening.

Both of these events will be held in the gym to allow for greater social distancing. Because the floor will be getting touched up with a new coat the following week, we will be able to set chairs up on the floor to hold the events. All are encouraged to wear masks and social distancing will be followed in the seating. These are very special nights for our students and our school community. We hope they're both well attended!

The gym will be air conditioned before these events! It is being installed now. Please consider going to the school's store on the website and making a one time offering toward the cost of the air conditioning!

If you can help decorate or set up for these events please contact Zebbie at or by calling the office 870.642.8937.

Next week we will give the exterior of the bottom half of the front of the gym a new coat of paint. Can you or your older student help?! Please let the office know!

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