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August Announcements

Parents, please take note of these important announcements as we near the start of school!

MOVING DAY/WORK DAYS: The following days to move items from the old campus to the new have been set: 5:30pm, Thursday, August 15th, anytime on Friday 16th, 830am Saturday, August 17th. Further there are still many things to do to set up for the new year. Please mark off and let us know any evenings you can help.

SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS: If you are asking for any scholarship/tuition assistance or discount please apply ASAP. Remember these do not carry forward from year to year--you must turn in a fresh application to be considered. This is very helpful as we try to budget!

AUTODRAFT FORMS: If you have not set up your auto-draft form for monthly tuition payments the new year, please do so. You can call Ms. Sanchez in the office 642.8937. The form can be completed online.

UNIFORMS: Remember that we have new shirts this year that everyone must purchase through the Store. Please log on and get yours ordered!

CURRICULUM FEE: Don't forget that all students must pay a one-time curriculum fee. This fee is due before the first day of school. Scholarships cover tuition but do not cover this fee.

ORIENTATION & OPEN HOUSE: Will be held at 6:30pm on Thursday, August 29th. Don't forget!

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