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2019-2020 Uniform Updates & LA Store is Live

Uniform Requirements for the 2019-2020 school year are now available in the updated 2019-2020 school handbook and in the uniform section of the school’s website. Please refer to the uniform section beginning on page 18 of the handbook for all uniform guidelines.


The main changes include: 

  • A new online store for uniforms. 

  • Students are required to purchase their daily polos shirts, and formal dress shirts/blouses from the Legacy Academy store. Upper level boys must purchase ties for their formal uniform from the school store, and Rhetoric level students must get their blazer from the school store. Purchasing these main items from the school store will allow true uniformity.

  • All other items may be purchased through the school store or elsewhere. 

  • Formal uniform pants for boys and skirts for girls have been switched to khakis so that students may wear them with their regular daily uniforms and their formal uniforms.

  • All polos in the store will automatically come with the school logo, included in the price.

  • Upper Level students will have a professional day dress that requires them to wear their formal uniform one day a week.


Legacy Academy students wear uniforms because a common uniform helps us build school culture and create a common school identity among our students. Uniforms also limit the focus on external definers, such as the brand of one's clothing, etc. Wearing uniforms reduces the student's focus on self and self-expression and encourages an environment in which internal character may be emphasized. Uniforms also simplify choices for parents and students!​

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