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We Did It!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Congrats everyone, we successfully finished the Corona-Crazy 2020 School year. It was the best of years and the worst of years! It was a fantastic year on our new campus in Lockesburg, but Covid-19 certainly made the end of year unlike any we've ever seen or known. Our teachers, students, and parents did an amazing job finishing the school year virtually.


We have received approval from the Arkansas Department of Health to hold these events in June. There will be social distancing and special precautions made for the events and more details to come.

We will send out dates for these events by Wednesday of this week. Please be on watch!


Teachers will be at the school this week wrapping up the school year. Report cards and student profiles will be sent to parents this Friday. This summer we will host a tutoring program. Some students will be required to enroll in a tutoring program for the summer in order to advance to the next course level. Others, will not be required but encouraged to attend just to receive additional help and support. We will send this information to parents and will announce more about the program next week. If you want your student to receive summer help, let the office or your student's teacher know.


It has been our desire to install central heat and air in the gymnasium. Unfortunately, it's expensive. However, we have a very excellent opportunity for a fantastic deal if we do so at this time. We can install the heat and air for $27,000. While this is a lot of money, we have had multiple quotes and this is a very good deal for the project. We would like to immediately install this new system, which would allow us to hold larger events in the gym, as well as summer camps and more. You may know of businesses or have family members who would help us with this significant project. We would ask that everyone prayerfully consider making a one time contribution. If we all pitch in together, we can easily do what is too much alone. All donations are tax deductible. If you can give, you can do so by going to the store on our website by clicking HERE and making a donation or email or call the office 870.642.8937.


Our team is growing! Help us spread the word and encourage anyone you think would be a good fit at Legacy to apply online!


Enjoy your time with family on Memorial Day. Our hearts and gratitude are with the loved ones of all those who gave their lives in service to our nation.

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