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Upcoming Events at Legacy Academy

While summer is a welcomed sight, we find our nation in turmoil with the both the virus and the national unrest. Events like these serve to remind us more than ever how much we really need Christ and do well to focus on Him. Certainly, we see the value of safe, caring Christian education now more than ever. Let's all continue to pray and steadfastly hold to the Lord's instruction that we treat others as we each want to be treated. Please note the important updates below:

Honor & Awards Ceremony--Tuesday, June 16th, 7pm

On Tuesday, June 16th, at 7pm we will have our Kindergarten graduation and our full honor and awards ceremony. This special night each year is where we honor students for character and academic achievement. We will also present sports awards on this night. The athletic recap video and the video reel from the full school year are always big highlight of the night! Students should wear their formal uniforms. Social distancing will be practiced.

Commencement--Friday, June 19th, 7pm

On Friday, June 19th at 7pm, we will hold Legacy Academy's first ever graduation! This night has been a LONG time coming and we will NOT let the Coronavirus put a damper on it. This will be a special night to honor our graduates. There will be tables set up for gifts and cards for the graduates. We ask that all students and Legacy Academy families attend to create this new tradition for our school. Social distancing will be practiced.

Both of these events will be held in the gym to allow for greater social distancing. Because the floor will be getting touched up with a new coat the following week, we will be able to set chairs up on the floor to hold the events. All are encouraged to wear masks and social distancing will be followed in the seating. These are very special nights for our students and our school community. We hope they're both well attended!

The gym will be air conditioned before these events! It is being installed now. Please consider going to the school's store on the website and making a one time offering toward the cost of the air conditioning!

If you can help decorate or set up for these events please contact Zebbie at or by calling the office 870.642.8937.

Next week we will give the exterior of the bottom half of the front of the gym a new coat of paint. Can you or your older student help?! Please let the office know!

Intent to Re-Enroll Form

Please be sure you've completed this form for your students. Just click HERE and complete the form online. Thank you!

Student Accounts

Statements were emailed out for student accounts this week. If your set payment plan will not satisfy your account balance, please contact the office to make an arrangement.

Summer Tutoring

Details on our Summer Tutoring Program will be sent out next week. Be on the look out.


Summer basketball camp and practices will be announced soon. Be watching for this!

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