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Time for Week #2

Hello families, we hope you guys are having a great Labor Day! It was one of our very best first week of school ever! While with anything there are always a few kinks to work out, we are grateful to be off to a fresh start with a new year. Please note the items below.

PreK & Kindergarten mats: Parents, be sure to take home any mat bedding to wash and send back each week. It's also always good to have a change of clothes on hand for these students just in case there is an accident.

Dress Code: Please remember the dress code. If your student is not in uniform then the office will contact you to bring the proper uniform or to purchase one. Remember that shorts worn must be knee length. More on the dress code can be found in the handbook or HERE.

Ball Practice: Please take note of the ball practice sent in last week's memo. It is important to have the every team member at practice to work on plays and begin serious game preparation. Practice Schedule:

M: G/B done at 430pm

T: G/B done at 430pm

W: G done at 3/B done at 430pm

Th: G/B done at 3pm. (Optional: Weight room and open gym for boys until 5)

F: G/B done at 430pm

Any time your student cannot be at practice, please be sure they let their coach know in advance.

Weight Room: The new weight equipment is taking shape. We could use a couple of dads to help assemble a few pieces of equipment. If you can help, email Also, if you have a nice rowing machine, or any other weight equipment that you would be willing to donate please let us know!

Drop Off: Remember, please do not drop your students off before 730am!

Scholar Ceremony: Parents, if your student is a Sophomore or older (Rhetoric Level Scholar) then they will receive their blazer in the scholar induction ceremony in October, unless they were inducted last year. This would be any Sophomore or any Junior/Senior student who transferred after last October. They will be fitted for their blazer this week and details will be sent out.

Substitutes: If you are willing to substitute teach, please complete an application to do so HERE.

Picnic Tables: If you have a nice picnic table that you would donate, please let us know as we are looking to add a few more.

Mowing & Weedeating: This is a constant need while the grass is growing. Please pitch in. Thank you to everyone who makes this happen!

Yearbooks: We had a lot of students wanting yearbooks that have not yet purchased one. Buy yours here and we will give it to your student!

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