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This week at Legacy Academy 11/16/2020

Thanksgiving Dinner & Early Dismissal

Due to Covid and the state's current restrictions on serving food self-serve at school events and the limited number we can have in the auditorium, we are canceling this Friday's Thanksgiving family style dinner. Hopefully, next year!

On Friday, we will dismiss at 12:30pm after lunch. Please don't forget!

Basketball Games

This is one of the very few times that we have three games in one week. This happened after we ended up having to reschedule with a school that needed to set a new date with us.

TUESDAY--AWAY GAMES: Senior Teams only in Eagletown at 6pm. There are no Covid restrictions that must be followed at Eagletown so please use your best judgement and own precautions. Only Senior Girls and Senior Boys will play. The bus will leave the campus at 430pm. Senior Boys and Girls will stay and get ready for a game and a snack will be served to them.

--No Junior Boys, unless on the SB roster should stay. They will not be on the bus nor will they have practice. No sixth grade boys should stay after school.

--No Sixth Grade girls should stay after school on Tuesday, they will NOT have practice.

Thursday--Home games for all teams beginning with the Junior Girls at 430pm against Garrett Memorial.

Friday--Home games for all teams beginning at 4pm with the Junior Girls at 4pm against West Side El Dorado. Since we have early dismissal on this day, basketball players must be back on campus by 3pm for the games. Upper Level Students with past due work may stay and work for the afternoon

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