May 21-22nd: Standardized Testing

Updated: May 20, 2019

Don't forget to ensure your student is ready for standardized testing.

Students will take the ACT Aspire Monday May 20th through Wednesday May 22nd. Please remember to ensure your student gets plenty of rest, eats a complete breakfast, and brings at least 1 Number 2 pencil for testing.

“Standard testing is simply one small glimpse of one day in your child's academics. We are pleased that our students perform so well, but long term mastery is much more important than standardized testing.”

Testing will take place during the morning. Juniors are exempt from the Aspire.

Our Philosophy of Testing

The two most important things regarding academics at Legacy Academy is ensuring mastery and teaching students how to learn. In considering mastery, we are looking for long-term master; where a student truly possesses the knowledge and can utilize and implement it in life. This requires a focus on the long term memory and the long term academic development. Standardized test taking is too often focused on proverbial cramming and filling in bubbles. It doesn't allow you to fully capture the students true academic state. This is better done in a more holistic manner that reviews classroom grades and work, teacher observations, student interactions, the ability to manage assignments and responsibilities and more. Legacy students repeatedly outperform local and state averages on our standardized testing. However, we do not recommend families put a significant amount of weight on these tests.


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