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School Update March 2nd

Track Season

Track season starts Saturday, March 7th. The first track meet of the year will take place at Forrest Heights Middle School in Little Rock and will be for Upper Level students only. The meet starts at 11:00 and the bus will be leaving the school at 745am. Dr. Lofton will be coaching the team and if any parents are able to volunteer with the team, please get in contact with him at Our new track shoes and uniforms, secured through a grant from Brooks Running, will be issued to students this week. Later in the season we will take some lower level grades to participate in a track meet. Additional track meets are being scheduled now and we will have a schedule out asap!

Empowerment Lab

This week will see the launch of our new Empowerment Lab, which will be an opportunity for us provide to our students academic assistance in a wide range of areas regarding schoolwork or academics of any kind, whether to help with a single piece of work or for broader assistance. Students struggling or identified for assistance of any kind will be given opportunities to receive one on one and small group tutoring and assistance. We have two new members of staff joining us to run the Empowerment Lab: Susan Friday and Chanel Brantley. Mrs. Brantley will be in the Lab on MWF and Mrs. Friday will be in the Lab on TTHs.

Ms. Shelton

Congratulations to Ms. Shelton on being awarded as Legacy Academy's Teacher of the Year at last week's De Queen/Sevier County Chamber of Commerce Banquet. She is devoted to the success of all of our students at Legacy and we love her enthusiasm and ability to be a great role model to our children!

Tax Returns & Tuition

Tax returns are a great way to pay off your tuition bill for the year or pay next year's tuition ahead. Many families have done this in the past and it can provide a big help to families. If you'd like to do that, please call the office or email Thanks!

We're Hiring for Next Year

We are already looking forward to next year. As our school continues to grow, our team is growing. Next year, we will add at least 2 grammar level classroom teachers, a teacher for the Empowerment Lab (working with students on academic assistance and intervention in one on one and small group tutoring settings), and possibly 1 Upper Level position. Further, we have been very fortunate to have excellent teachers that may come only to teach one or two Upper Level Courses. There is an application for teaching positions on our website under the Resources tab. Spread the word and help us secure some great applicants for next year!

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