School After Spring Break

Parents, today Governor Hutchinson announced that public schools in Arkansas will remain closed after Spring Break through April 17th. At Legacy Academy we will continue to evaluate the situation as it unfolds.We will announce how Legacy Academy will proceed regarding classes after Spring Break week by week. We will make an announcement about the week of March 30th by Friday of next week. Please remember that Upper Level Students are having online classes both today and tomorrow. Upper Level students MUST reach out to the school if they are having technical difficulty logging in. Otherwise, they will be counted absent.

Importantly, let us all be sure that our students are not living in fear. Our hope and trust is in God and He is our refuge. We can trust that He will guide us through the most challenging of situations! Let's use this opportunity for some great family time together and to strengthen and build our children's faith in Christ!

Please call on us if we can help you in any way. We are all on this journey together!

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