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Online Classes Start on Monday, March 30th

Dear Parents,

Beginning Monday, March 30th all courses at Legacy Academy will be delivered to all students (Pre-K through Seniors) virtually. We will use a hybrid of online tools and work packets that can be picked up at the school. We are in unchartered waters, but know that together with God's help, we will still achieve our mission. It is our commitment to continue delivering a high quality, Christ-centered education to your student. We also look forward to being past this pandemic and having everyone back on campus. Please carefully read all the details below and let us know if you have any questions:


Please let us know immediately if your student(s) lack access to the internet or a device to access the internet--preferably a computer or a tablet, not just a phone.

Mr. Ward has compiled and created the following resources as a guide for accessing and using our online resources. We will be using Google Classroom as our virtual learning environment, Office Lens to take pictures of student work, and Zoom for any video calls with teachers. Follow the links below: - Google Classroom - taking images of work - uploading work for teachers

If you have any technical questions on how to access and prepare for this, or you think your internet connectivity might have difficulties, please contact Mr. Wright, Mr. Ward or Ms. Fisk as soon as you are able.


For the Grammar level classes (Mrs. Figueroa through Mrs. Garner) instruction will be provided through online videos, giving the information and directions for the various classes. All of this will be posted in Google Classroom. A separate communication will come forward to you on accessing and utilizing Google Classroom. These lessons for Grammar level students will not be live streamed. They will be recorded and available for you to do with your student on your own time schedule. While the classes will be "taught" by the teacher, we will need strong parental partnership to ensure that your children can access and complete the work. Teachers will be available by email and through Zoom meetings to provide direct help or support to a parent or student. Contact them in the first instance if there are any questions about the material or assignments. 

To aid the flow of the day, you may wish to match your schedule to the class timetable to create a helpful structure for the work throughout the week. Teachers will make these available for you via Google Classroom.

For Grammar Levels only, teachers will also make physical copies of each week's work available at the school for pick up, if you would rather use these. These packets will be in the cafeteria and may be picked up Friday afternoon or Monday. This means you can download and print your students items from Google Classroom OR pick up the physical packet. Any school books, including textbooks, reading books and other school resources may also be collected from the school at any time during office hours. These also can be collected on Friday 27th or Monday 30th.

Student work can be turned in by scanning and uploading it to Google Classroom or by bringing it by the school and dropping it off each week.


For students in the Upper Level (7-12). All of your courses will be delivered through ZOOM and will be live streamed. That means that you will follow the same schedule you follow everyday. You will need to log in and be present at each class. This is critical for you to pass your courses this year and receive your proper credits. Student assignments will be posted in Google Classroom and will be submitted there. ALL upper level students must attend all live stream classes beginning at 8am on Monday.

Some guidelines:

--Be on time.

--Wear a school shirt (that's all that's in camera!)

--be sitting up somewhere appropriate and attentively (not laying in your bed!)

--leave your camera on during the entire class.


Tutoring Services through the newly created Empowerment Lab will continue. These sessions may be arranged in person or virtually through Zoom. If your student is set to receive this assistance at this time, we will be in touch with you by mid week to arrange.


At this time, all on-campus school events are postponed until further notice. We are committed to getting back on campus for class as soon as possible and to rescheduling our major events, especially the Honors Program and our first ever Graduation!

This is totally new for us all, and so we ask for your patience as we discover, learn and grow in this process. Please stay in close communication with us so we can work together and make improvements along the way.

Thank you.

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