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LA News -- Week of 10/31

Upcoming Basketball Games

This week we have two conference games:

  • Tuesday 11/1, 4:30 pm - all teams @ Garrett Memorial (Gym Address: 1 Genesis Dr, Hope, AR 71801)

  • Friday 11/4, 4pm - all teams @ Columbia Christian (Gym Address: 250 Warnock Springs Rd, Magnolia, AR 71753)

The following week--Junior Boys only will participate in the Dierks Junior High Tournament. We play Wednesday, 11/9 at Dierks gym v. Caddo Hills. If we win we will play again Thursday. If we win Thursday we will play in the championship Saturday.

Profiles & Report Cards -- This week

Profiles and Report Cards were not sent home Friday, as planned due to an unforeseen delay in getting them printed and out. These will go home early this week and you will be alerted via remind.

Student Showcase -- 11/3

Student Showcase is taking place on the evening of Thursday, November 3. It is an event for our students to show off their academic achievements from the year, the breadth of material that they cover, and the benefits of a classical education! Come and see projects encompassing English, geometry, literature, Latin, anatomy, music, and more!

It is required for all students to attend, and formal uniform should be worn.

Thanksgiving Feast -- 11/18

Our annual Thanksgiving Feast is November 18th at 11:00 and planning has begun. We will need help with set up, clean up, and volunteers to bring food. This is a day for our Legacy Academy family to enjoy food and community together! All families and siblings are encouraged to join. This will be followed by an early dismissal at 1pm.

If you are interested in volunteering or would like to bring a dish, please let us know by filling out the form below. If you have any questions, you may reply to this message or call the office at (870) 642-8937.

PeeWee Basketball

If you haven't done so already--please register for Pee Wee ball. Practice schedules and all program details will come early this week from Coach Smallwood!

The beauty & reward of Clean Living

In Daniel 1:8, we find a beautiful and powerful verse. Daniel was a young man living life as a captive in a godless and hostile culture. The culture tried to erase his faith and even give him a totally new identity. They tried to eliminate his ability to offer a generational transfer. They wanted to use him and cut off his future at the same time. Yet, he was considered lucky by many because he was in the King's palace and could become a "somebody" and live well and comfortably, relatively speaking. The King ordered everything about the lives of these young men he was training and grooming for future service to him; even the food they ate. He wanted to control what they consumed and put inside themselves. It was in the midst of this that Daniel made his choice: "But Daniel [a]made up his mind that he would not defile himself with the king’s choice food or with the wine which he drank..." [Daniel 1:8] Such power in the simple words--"but Daniel made up his mind not to defile himself."

The god of this age--the kings of culture--they want to define our children, direct what they consume, and fill their internal lives with the things from their table that they treasure and love. They want to use them and cut off their future. They want to rename them and give them a false identity. They want to erase the inheritance of their faith and cut them off from their God. Sometimes it seems so harmless. What's wrong with eating a good meal like everyone else? EVERYONE eats this (watches this, goes to this place, has a boyfriend/girlfriend, has their own phone/does x, y, z......etc.......) It's not a big deal. But Daniel understood that he had to be different and he didn't want to consume what they consumed, realizing that it was one step to becoming like them. He wanted to please God and he was unashamed to be joyfull different! He did not defile himself with the ways of the world. I pray every family pause, and consider what ways of the world have you accepted? What no big deal thing is just one more step to becoming like them. Together make up your mind like Daniel did and help your children do the same. If this young man could do it--so can we!

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