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LA News --September 24th

Founder's Note:

What a beautiful week it has been at LA. The scholar induction night was an excellent evening celebrating the values of the Christian faith and charging our young men and ladies to uphold the standards of righteousness in a world where evil and sin are glorified. Indeed, God has called them to be standard bearers--unashamed of the gospel and living a life sold out, devoted to Christ. It was a joy to stand with parents and pray over our newest scholars and challenge them to serve the Lord with their lives.

Saturday night's Fun Run hosted by our new Cross Country team was a tremendous success. Thank you to so many for coming out and running, walking, buying supper, and contributing to the XC team. We will total the funds and report but we know that over $2,500 was raised to help the XC team buy new uniforms and supplies. It was a wonderful night of fun and togetherness. We need lots more of this in life and less busyness, less screen time, and fewer distractions. Jesus, family, and friends provide us with such rich lives. I am looking forward to our first LA Family Night on Monday, October 2nd from 4-7pm. Our team will feed and serve our students and their families a free meal and the evening will be a great time of togetherness!

Coming Up

  • Tu 9/26 -- XC Meet, Mena, AR 3:30 pm

  • Mon 10/2 -- LA Family Night!

  • Thu 10/5 -- Student Showcase 6pm

  • FALL BREAK -- Fr 10/6 to Mo 10/9

Lunch this Week:


Basketball Practice This Week


M, T, W, Th, F after school until 4:30 pm.


M-Th 6:30 am

Fr 3-4:30 pm

Once the season arrives we will have not have full hard practices on game days so we want to gain some practice time now as we head to season one month away!

XC Practice

Mo & Th 6:30am @ LA

Saturday 7:30 am @ Nashville City Park

Cross Country Meet

Tuesday 3:30 @ Mena, AR

Our XC teams will compete this week on Tuesday at Mena, starting at 3:30pm.

The bus will leave school at 1:30pm. We will eat after the meet before we head back to Lockesburg, so send money with your students. We will send updates via Remind on return time when we are on the road.


Lions Club Rd

Mena, AR 71953

LA Family Night

October 2nd, 2023 4-7pm

Mark your calendars for this school-wide event! From our youngest to our oldest students, there will be a game for everyone.

LA Staff will serve our families supper, while you make memories together.

Students must be accompanied and supervised by an adult from their family for the full evening! Please do not just drop your child off.


  • Yard Games at 4pm

  • Food at 5pm

  • Organized family games at 6pm

  • Finish and Clean up at 7pm

  • The Student Council is taking over the managing of the Warrior Shop and will be using proceeds for some of their projects. They'll have an outdoor Warrior Shop set up during the evening.

What to Bring:

  • Family-friendly table games (like dominos and Old Maid)

  • Yard games (like corn hole)

  • Lawn chairs

  • An adult

  • the whole family!

Contact Mrs. Wright ( if you have questions.

We also need the grass mowed and the ant hills sprayed. Please contact Mr. Ward ( if you can help.

Flu Shots--October 13

The Sevier County Health Unit will be on campus to administer free flu shots on October 13th. Consent forms were sent home with students on Friday. If you would like for your child to receive a flu vaccine, you must return your signed content to the front office by October 6th.

Contact Mrs. Kesterson if you have any questions.

Car Pick-up Line

Let us take a moment and thank you for your patience with the car rider lanes trouble that we have been experiencing. We are happy to state that there is new signage on the way! It will help instruct all those who are dropping off students as to which lanes to occupy for dropping off and exiting the property.

1. In the meantime, please allow the area to the left of the orange cones for those who are exiting from the Daycare.

2. If you are dropping off or picking up your K-12 students from the north doors of the school building, please line up to the right of the cones, closer to the current signage and main parking lot.

3. Those wishing to come in to pick up their students should move to the right of the car rider lane and park in the visitor parking, as usual.

Feel free to contact Mr. Smallwood ( with any questions that you may have.


4-H is a worldwide organization that focuses on kids and teens from ages 5 up to 18. Cloverbuds (ages 5-8) encourage creativity and play. Ages 9 and up focus more on teaching leadership, communication, and responsibility on projects where they learn by doing. Projects range from bicycle safety and firearm shooting to raising and showing animals or even the mechanics of welding or shopping.

Legacy 4H meetings will be held every 3rd Wednesday of the month in the school cafeteria immediately following school dismissal. Because the end of the month is upon us, we’ll not have a meeting this month but next month on October 18th, right after school. All upper-level athletes participating in 4H will be excused from practice to attend monthly 4H meetings. Snacks and fun are promised at every meeting. Meetings only take about an hour.

Talk to Mr. or Mrs. Bartek if you have any questions or just show up at the meeting time!

From This Week:

Scholar Induction

Our Scholar Induction Ceremony on Thursday inducted eight new Scholars into their final stage of learning at Legacy Academy.

Our new scholars are: Skylar Alexander James Bartek Wesley Carrell Gabe Cox Jack Currence Everrette Martz Cameron Ogé Wyatt Roden

In this ceremony, we recognized their status as role models and upperclassmen. Each takes the honor pledge and receives their navy blazers, placed upon them by their parents during a special time of prayer. Earlier in the service, younger students at various age levels, known as Rookies, Protégés, and Apprentices were all promoted into their stages of learning. Before then, we set in our Rookies, promoted our new Protégés, and promoted our new Apprentices. The entire school body took part as existing students in each rank stood in their seats to reaffirm their charges to be kind, caring, hard-working students who honor God in all things.

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