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LA News - January 30th, 2022

Prayers for Mr. Smallwood

Let us continue to pray for Mr. Smallwood and his family as they grieve from the unexpected loss of his father last week. We are thankful that he is back at school this week.

Battle of the Books

Legacy Academy Lower Level has been invited to participate in the local Battle of the Books competition this year, an event where teams from area schools battle in a trivia competition over books. Each class is given a set list of books - your child's teacher will be able to share this list with you - many of which are available in the school library.

The competition dates for grades 1-6 are scheduled for the beginning of March, so encourage your students to read these books - with you or by themselves - and ask them questions about what they have read! What was their favorite part? Who was the best character? What was the story about as a whole?

The power of children reading with parents has been shown in many ways, and there is no better academic habit to practice with your children than that of reading together - it will help them in all areas of their life for as long as they live!

Basketball Senior Night was a Success

On Friday night we celebrated our two senior athletes who will graduate this year, Jessica Nogueira and Gracie Tucker. They have both been great credits to Legacy Academy, first and foremost through their attitude on court and in practice, and their willingness to learn, to grow, and to work hard.

Gracie, as our first Lady Warriors' team captain, has made a great impression on our athletics program and helped to shape the team into what it is today, and we have loved Jessica's enthusiasm, hustle and determination in the short time that she has been with us.

We have enjoyed watching both of them play for the Lady Warriors on the court!

We also loved seeing our 3/4 Boys scrimmage last night! It was a special moment to see both our oldest players and our youngest players take to the same court and play with the same heart! The Legacy Academy way is that we do all things unto God, whether in work, rest or play, and we know that He honors our willingness to make the right choices.


Regular basketball season is about over but now it is tournament time! Starting this week, we have the HCAA Junior High Tournament. The bracket for both the boys' and girls' teams can be found below and on the Resources page of our website.

Junior Boys:

  • Tuesday, 2/1 4:00pm v. Trinity Christian @ Gospel Light in Hot Springs

If they win:

  • Friday, 2/4 4:00pm @ Family of Faith, Shawnee, OK

If they win on Friday--they will play for the championship Saturday, 2/5 2:30pm @Wright Christian School, Tulsa, OK

Junior Girls:

  • Thursday, 2/3 5:00pm v. Trinity Christian @ Columbia, Magnolia, Arkansas

If they win:

  • Saturday, 2/5 1:00pm @ Wright Christian School, Tulsa, OK

OUR SENIOR TEAMS--Play away games at Bloomburg, Texas at 6pm on Friday 2/4/22. This means that if our JBs are still in their tournament we will have Warrior games happening at two different places!

HCAA 2022 Junior High Basketball State Tournament
Download PDF • 215KB

The HCAA Senior High tournament begins the following week with both SB and SG playing on Thursday, 2/10 v. Columbia @ Magnolia. SG play at 7:00pm and SB at 8:30pm.

Both senior teams have a similar schedule: if they win, they will play again on Saturday 2/12 in Magnolia (SG 3pm, SB 4:30pm); if they lose, they will play again on Friday 2/11 in Hot Springs (SG 7:00pm, SB 8:30pm).

School Choice Week Was a Success

What is school choice? School choice is the process of allowing every family to choose the K-12 educational options that best fit their children. Every child is unique, and all children learn differently. Some parents may prefer a neighborhood public school, while others might fit in better at a charter, magnet, online, private or home learning environment. That’s why school choice is so important!

At Legacy Academy we believe that all parents should know the options that they have available to them for the education of their children. If you want to find out more about School Choice in Arkansas, you can read more on their website, which includes various resources that can be shared with friends or family members who might be interested!

Parents of private school students are taxpayers, too! In Arkansas, public school districts receive their funding from local property taxes that every property owner in the district pays in and they receive a per pupil amount of taxpayers' dollar sent to them by the state--collected from all of us who work and pay state income taxes. If a student home schools or is in private school, the state doesn't send that money to the public school--it just keeps it. School choice says that the dollars should follow the child! Imagine if you could only use the doctor in your "district" or could only shop at the grocery store in your "district" whether it was good or bad. That's what opponents of all school choice want to do--lock students into a system. If the system is fantastic then they should not worry about children and parents choosing to be elsewhere! Freedom and competition breed excellence! Thankfully, our state's most likely next governor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, has committed to fixing this as one of her high priorities when she takes office!

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