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LA News: Encouragement & Announcements, Week June 26th

God's Plans Advance Through Opposition

Matthew 11:12 says, “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been forcefully advancing, and forceful men lay hold of it.

What these words of Jesus tell us is that the kingdom of God is always advancing but it has suffered violence to do it--it is a forceful advance, meaning it faces opposition and conflict. We must all let this be an encouragement to us. When you are facing opposition (because there is a real spiritual enemy for your life in satan) you must remember that it is through opposition that the kingdom of God advances.

The strategies of the enemy aim to break our faith with circumstances that seem insurmountable, yet it is in these battles that God is advancing His kingdom in our lives, homes, families, and ministries.

One powerful example of this is recounted in Acts 12. King Herrod was harassing believers and had even killed James, the brother of John. When he saw that this pleased the Jews, he proceeded to arrest Peter also, who has a key leader of the early church. (When other wicked people celebrated Herrod's evil act, he was motivated to do even more evil. We see this play out today when wickedness becomes a frenzy of celebrating itself.) Peter found himself in prison with four squads of soldiers, sleeping between two, with two chains and more at the door. It was a very negative situation. It seemed insurmountable. The last guy to face such (James) had been killed.

"So Peter was kept in prison, but prayer for him was being made fervently by the church to God." Acts 12:5

At the same time that Peter was in this terrible situation, the church was praying forcefully and with fervent prayer--they stretched themselves out in prayer and faith. They did not believe the lies of the wicked, they did not grow discouraged, and they did not give up hope. They prayed with strong expectancy.

On that very night, God sent an angel who miraculously delivered Peter from jail. If you fast forward just a few verses later you see that in verse 23 Herrod was struck by an angel and died. The very evil that days before seemed to hold such power was wiped out. The most beautiful thing is the next verse:

"But the word of the Lord continued to grow and be multiplied." Acts 12:24

The greatest deliverance, the greatest breakthrough, new growth, expansion, increase, and blessings came in the midst of extreme, horrible, difficult, and dark opposition.

Let this encourage all of us. No matter what opposition your marriage, your family, your children, your ministry, or your life may face remember that it is through opposition that the kingdom of God (all of His purposes, will, plans, intentions) can advance in each of these areas. The Kingdom expands against opposition and it overcomes all other kingdoms and stands forever! (Daniel 2:44)

Ball in the Burg: Week 2 starts 6/26

Here's the Plan:

CAMP is Monday - Wednesday this week, June 26-28

  • Doors open for check-in at 730am

  • Morning Camp 8 am-12 pm is for Students entering 3rd-6th grades.

  • Afternoon Camp Doors Open at 12 pm

  • Afternoon Camp is 1230pm-5 pm for students entering 7th-12th grades. Afternoon camp will include team workouts, weight room training, drills, live games, and downtime.

Lunch will be provided for all campers at noon.


All junior and senior high team members are asked to attend the afternoon sessions for workouts and may attend at NO COST.

Normally, Morning Campers and non-team members pay $25 per week if you did not attend Otter Camp OR $15 per week if you did attend Otter Camp.

However, this week--week #2 is FREE for all campers.

Bring your student for some fun times, a free lunch, and a little basketball development, as well!

  • 730am-12 pm Students entering 3rd-6th grade

  • 1230pm-5 pm Students entering 7th-12th grade


WEEK 2: June 26-28 M-W

WEEK 3: July 10-12 M-W

WEEK 4: July 24-26 M-W

WEEK 5: August 7-9 M-W

Education Freedom Accounts

Under the LEARNS Act, new Education Freedom Accounts will pay for tuition for eligible students. This year (2023-2024) includes:

  • First-time kindergarteners

  • Students who in the previous year were enrolled in an “F” rated school or “Level-5” district

  • Students who in the previous year were enrolled in the Succeed Scholarship Program

  • Students with a disability

  • Students experiencing homelessness

  • Current or former foster care students

  • Children of active-duty military personnel

These accounts are on a first-come, first-served basis and have a limitation. Applications are now live.

All of our families who already have a Succeed Scholarship, are entering kindergarten, think they will qualify for Succeed (have a disability, etc), and who are in foster care (now or previously) should complete the application at this link ASAP.

Complete your application here.

Daycare Enrollment

Daycare enrollment is happening and slots are starting to be filled. Spread the word and reserve your spot now before they're all gone! We are now enrolling infants-four year olds. We will have infants, toddlers, and Pre-K for 3 and 4-year-olds. The new daycare year will begin on the same day as the regular school year, Monday, August 28. ENROLL NOW to secure your daycare slot. Preference will be given to families with a student enrolled in K-12.

Daycare tuition is $545 per month. Enrollment forms can be completed here.

Campus Help

Every summer, we have a number of needs to keep our campus well-maintained and to keep improving it year on year. Since we do not have any employed maintenance staff, groundskeepers, etc., we are reliant upon parents to help get a lot of these jobs done.

  • Mowing the lawn and weed-eating

  • Fitting & updating lights

  • Cleaning classrooms

We are Hiring!

We are looking to add additional teachers! Record enrollment and new growth means we need more team members!

Lower-level teachers (K-6) in our Grammar level grades: applicants should have a bachelor's degree.

Logic/Rhetoric levels (grades 7-12)

Part-time positions and teaching as little as one class is an option in the upper-level courses. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree. Salary will be determined by experience.

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