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LA News -- August 13th

New School Year

The new school year at Legacy Academy is only two short weeks away! Our teachers return to school on Monday to make their preparations for the new year. We are all excited for the new year and what it will hold.

We would like to specifically welcome our newest members of staff who will be joining us: Mrs. Deal (Upper Level), Mrs. Jannise (6th Grade), Mr. Kelley (Upper Level), Mrs. Marshall (4th Grade) and Mrs. Webb (Empowerment Lab).

We are also excited that Ms. Shelton and Ms. Fisk will spend more time this year helping teachers and carrying more responsibilities that grow and development our academic efforts.

We are also very excited for the new students who will be starting their journeys with us this year. It is always a joy and blessing to have new families joining our community.

Additionally, we also have a brand-new daycare opening this year -- although it will not be starting until part-way through the year. Opening day will be announced soon. If you are interested in working at the daycare or if know of children who would want to enroll, contact the office for more information.

Orientation and Open House -- Thursday, August 25

Our new year of school will begin with Orientation and Open House next Thursday. It will take place in the LA Auditorium at 6pm and will be an opportunity to hear directly from our Founder and Head of School, Mr. Gallagher, who will share about the vision and mission of the school, and the role of the school and parents to partner together for the sake of raising up sons and daughters who fear the Lord.

This meeting is required for all families to attend.

Following the meeting, you will also have the opportunity to tour the campus, to meet your new teachers and to see all the work that has been done to the school over the summer!

Otter Camp & Basketball

This weekend was the culmination of all the basketball camps that we have held over summer. After five separate weeks of camp, our ballers finished with a one-day team camp with elite trainer Jason Otter. The Warrior and Lady Warrior basketball program is being built step by step and we are expectant that things will only get better and better as we go on from here.

Thank you, parents, for all your effort making sure that our players could attend all of these camps. The programs that we put on are deliberately designed to help the whole team.

The basketball schedule is being finalized for the coming year, but it will be ready to distribute at Open House. Mark your calendars for Friday, October 14 -- Warrior Day and Navy-White Night!

Work Days

We have two whole campus work days coming up before school starts: Tuesday, August 8/16 (5pm onwards) and Saturday 8/20 (8am onwards). There are numerous jobs to do all over the campus - from mowing and weedeating, to changing light fixtures & bulbs, moving furniture and more.

If you cannot make these times, come by any day 8-5 or let us know when you are available. Beginning this Monday teachers will be setting up classrooms and welcome any help!

Fan Gear & Logo Use

Parents, please remember that our logo is privately owned by the school and cannot be used by local shops, online stores or anyone else without permission. If you have an idea for fan gear, please let us know and we will be happy to explore adding it to the Warrior Shop. This is an important way we fund our athletic program and help keep tuition lower.

Mapping the Imagination

The imaginative child will become the imaginative man or woman most apt to create, to invent, and therefore to foster civilization...

The imagination is a wondrous gift given us by God, and one that we should use and enjoy to its fullest. Often directly at odds with that are the devices and screens that we use. This article by Dr. Carol Reynolds and Memoria Press addresses some of these issues. It describes how we can stir the imagination through exposure to books, performance art (plays, orchestras), costumes, musical instruments and hand-crafted objects. It's a great read for parents!

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