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LA News -- April 23rd

Success: Spring Formal

Our first Spring Formal was a great success! Students enjoyed a formal meal and dancing. It seems a great time was had by all! Students again demonstrated the beauty and the power of the Legacy ways! They gained new experiences, made fun memories, and had a ball with their friends without sin, shame, or regrets! Well done to the entire team that put the event together and to the students, as well!

Benchmark Testing: May 3-5

Students in grades K-10 will take benchmark exams on these dates. Please be sure they are well rested, eat breakfast, and have pencils! Thank you.

Water Day-- May 6, 2022

Water Day, which has traditionally been the final fling of the Legacy Academy school year, has moved forwards two weeks, and this year it will be on Friday, May 6. We are all looking forward to the day of fun and games for the whole school - we know it will be a blast, just like every other year!

Parents, if you are able to provide water balloons for the event, we would be very grateful. Additionally, if you are able to volunteer throughout the day to help chaperone groups of students, please contact Mr. Wright (

End of Year Programs

In the countdown to the end of the year, we have two big events to look forward to: Honor & Awards Program, and Graduation.

Honor & Awards Program will take place on Thursday, May 19. It will be a time to recognize the achievements of all our students, starting with our Kindergarten graduation and proceeding through Lower and Upper Level awards. It is a brilliant opportunity not only to look back upon the events of the year but more importantly to reflect upon the growth and development of all of our students. While we value and put a large emphasis on academic rigor and achievement, we know that the most significant thing that our students learn is how to develop their character and become more and more Christlike; our Honor & Awards Ceremony reflects these foundational values of our school, and the evening will culminate with the awarding of the Heart of a Warrior award, given to the single individual - student, staff member, or family member - who consistently and faithfully serves the vision of the school with the heart of Christ. Some new lower level awards will make their first appearance this year, as well.

Graduation for our seniors will take place on Friday, May 27, the last day of school. This final ceremony will be a chance to reflect on the successes of our seniors as they reach this momentous occasion. As well as celebrating their achievement, we will also send them forward to their next steps with the blessing of Legacy Academy, safe in the knowledge that we have taught them well, in the courses they have taken, and the ways of the Lord that define Legacy Academy.

Help Needed!

Mow, mow, mow the yard! We need mowing help. Let the office know if you can help!

Summer: Over summer there will be plenty of tasks that will need doing and it is because of your help that our school can continue to grow from strength to strength. Whether you can give time regularly each week or in one-off moments, we appreciate the time and effort that each of you are able to give, and there will be a whole variety of ways for you to serve. If there are specific ways that you know you can help, please contact the office and let us know.

Summer basketball program

Watch for the sign up forms for this going home the first week of May!

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