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LA News -- April 18th

Spring Formal, Saturday 4/23/22 (RSVP today!)

Attention Freshman-Seniors! Please remember today is the last day to purchase tickets for Spring Formal! Please buy your ticket in the online store or the front office today.

May 6th--Water/Field Day

Parents please mark your calendar to be a part of this fun day!

State Championship Track Meet

The HCAA State Track Meet is happening on Saturday, May 7th at Providence Academy, Siloam Springs. Proceedings will begin at 11:00.

Enrollment for Next Year

Please complete your re-enrollment forms for next year, if you are intending for your students to remain at Legacy Academy for next year. Forms can be completed online, or physical forms can be filled out and returned to Mrs. Kesterson in the office.

Summer Help

There are and will be a large number of tasks to be done now and over the summer to keep the school working at its best and as we continue to make improvements and additions to our facilities. There will be some organized work days at the campus over the summer, which we will communicate closer to the time.

Additionally, if you are able to offer help throughout the week or at weekends, please let us know. There is mowing that already needs to be done at the campus and that will need doing throughout the summer. If you would be able to regularly commit to helping us with this need, please contact the office.


With Easter a day behind us, I hope that we don't allow the reality of its meaning to slip away from us. It really is amazing to realize how much God loves us and the extreme effort He went to in order to offer us redemption.

2 Corinthians 5:15 says, "He died for all, so that they who live might no longer live for themselves, bit for Him who died and rose again on their behalf."

Let us all use this post-Easter time to revisit the priorities of our lives. Does your personal life reflect one that lives for Him. Does your family see that the most important thing in your family is following Christ and is He the highest priority of the family? Can our children say, "our family no longer lives for itself but for the Lord?" We show our children what we value most by how we spend our time, our finances, and our boldness to live differently to honor God and obey His word, even when others around us do the opposite.

Easter is a beautiful time. Living a life day by day that honors the sacrifice He made and the victory He won is even more beautiful!

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