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First Day of School!!!

Hello Legacy Family, we are now just one night's sleep from the first day of school 2020-21! Our entire team is excited about the new year and has been steadily working toward our first day.


--To come in with your students and bring supplies, etc. please park in the parking lot and come in the main front doors in front of the office at the center of the building.

--We have the Legacy Academy photo banner hanging right by the front doors and the "first day of school" chalk board and our photographer ready; so come on inside and get those first day of school pictures!

--Please tag Legacy Academy on Instagram and Facebook if you do a first day of school social media post.

--If your child is riding the shuttle from De Queen to Lockesburg, please remember that your child must be there and on the bus by 7:15am at The Legacy Center, 121 South Third Street (old First National Bank, at the back of Stilwell's.) The bus leaves at 7:20am. In accordance to school policy it cannot wait on anyone or stop for anyone.

Basketball practice for boys and girls in the Upper Level (grades 7 and up) extends after school and ends at 4:15pm on M, T, Th, and Friday. Sixth grade students may also join practice and play on the JV team. Upper level students need athletic uniforms--gray Warriors t-shirt and navy shorts. There is no after school practice on Wednesdays. All basketball players need basketball shoes (preferably white, gray, or a combination thereof) that they leave at the school to only be used on the gym floor.

All PE students PK-12 will use the gym at times for PE. They will not be permitted to wear their regular street shoes on the gym floor. They will be go sock footed or need to leave a pair of shoes at the gym just for PE on the basketball court. This is not required. A cubby will be provided for any student who leaves shoes at the school.

If you did not pick up your student's schedule or packet at Orientation, you can do so in the office beginning at 7:30 Monday morning.

If you still need uniforms please come to the office early in order to pick up uniforms for your students. Ordering them online tonight will help allow us to gather them for you.

Remember every Wednesday is formal uniform--Professional Day--for our Upper Level Students (7th & up). These students should wear their formal uniforms on Wednesdays.

Reminder--phones or devices must be left in the student's bag or locker until after school and can only be used to contact parents after school.

Please remember that unless you have a set payment arrangement, all Curriculum fees are due by Monday. Please pay this online at the school's website or at the office Monday morning. can help you with your account.

If you are setting your tuition payments up on a monthly payment these are drafted on the 5th of each month. Please be sure that you have completed an auto-draft form for the bank or credit card you want to use for tuition payments. Auto draft forms are in the office and on the website. Late fees will apply to those who do not arrange this. To keep tuition low, we have a very lean administrative operation--please help make these things easy!

It is going to be a great year and we cannot wait to see everyone! Thank you for partnering with us for a great new year.

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