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COVID UPDATE January 12, 2022

As you are likely aware, area public schools have shuttered in person learning because of Covid outbreaks. At this time, we have not been negatively impacted with a significant number of Covid cases at the school. We are closely monitoring the situation and making full effort to continue offering students the most normal and uninterrupted delivery of on-site, in-person education we possibly can. It is our hope that our size and efforts will allow us to continue on campus.

If we do have to close campus, we will give you guidance on virtual learning at that time.

If your student is absent for any reason, including Covid, please remember that parents are requested to advise the school of an absence on the morning of the absence, to make arrangements regarding missed school work, and IMPORTANTLY to ensure your student completes his past due work promptly and completely.

Students will be encouraged to make additional efforts in social distancing, hand washing, and other measures designed to help reduce the spread of the virus.

Most importantly, we will continue to look to the Lord to guide us and care for us through these uncharted waters. We aim to operate with wisdom and discretion and without fear or foolishness, trusting that he will lead us each step of the way.

On January 6th, 2022, The Arkansas Department of Health updated its guidance for schools based on newly revised CDC guidance. Their new guidance is just that: guidance and not a law, edict, requirement, or mandate. In reviewing the guidance and consulting with the school's physician and other medical experts the protocol for our students regarding Covid is below:


Stay home for 5 days.

If you have no symptoms or your symptoms are resolved/significantly reduced at the end of that time period, you may return to school.

Be fever free for 24 hours before returning the school.


If a student has been exposed but has no symptoms and hasn't tested positive then he/she may attend school but is required to wear a mask for 1 week when in close proximity to others.

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