11/4 Weekly News

--BASKETBALL GAMES: Basketball Games in Camden v. Victory Christian School. Games begin at 4pm. JV boys, JV girls, & SV boys will play. The bus will leave at 130pm.

--NO TOURNAMENT THIS WEEK: Previously the schedule called for us participating in a tournament at the end of the week. We will not be in that tournament. See an updated schedule here.

--PEE WEE BASKETBALL: Registration is now happening for PeeWee basketball. We are excited to field Lockesburg teams in the regional program from Legacy Academy. It is helpful to have every student possible in grades 3-6 playing in order to have teams. Please be sure to register you student this week:

--STUDENT SHOWCASE: Thursday evening is our Student Showcase. It begins at 6:30pm. All students (except Pre-K) are required to attend. Students Showcase is an opportunity for parents to see some of the work done by students throughout the school. We hope you'll be there and invite family, friends, and neighbors to attend. It will be held in the school auditorium. Students should wear their formal uniforms for the Student Showcase.

--AFTER PARTY: There will be an Upper Level After Party hosted by Mr. Wright, Hannah Gallagher, and Grace Gallagher this Friday (11/8) from 730-1030pm. All upper level students are invited to attend. If any parents can help with snacks/drinks, please email Mr. Wright at to coordinate.

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