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Week of September 3rd Announcements

--4H Party this Friday, September 6th, 6-8pm at the Bartek home, in Plantation Lakes North of Horatio. Wear clothes that can get wet! This is for Legacy 4-H members and those wanting to become members. Clover buds (ages 5-7) invited, too. All students ages 5-18 can join 4-H. Wear an appropriate swimsuit (no two pieces, please wear swim shorts) or something you can get can wet in! Pool, water balloons, and big water slide! Pizza and drinks provided until it runs out!

--If your student is carpooling/shuttling to and from De Queen please note: 1. please park in the parking lot on the East side of The Legacy Center so students will not have to cross 3rd street to go to your car. Lower level students will wait under the awning for parents to get them. Upper level students may walk to cars.

--Upper Level students need Athletic clothes to change into for Athletics & PE. Athletics/PE is every day of the week, except Wednesdays. Athletic clothes may be purchased at the office from the Warrior Shop or online through the store. They consist of navy shorts and a gray Athletic t-shirt.

--Professional Dress Day for Upper Level students is every Wednesday. This will begin NEXT Wednesday, September 11th.

--Basketball practice will begin next week on Monday, September 9th. We will initially practice until 4:15pm on Mondays & Thursdays. The week of 9/23 we will begin practicing everyday until 415, except Wednesdays. Please arrange transportation or carpooling for your athlete.

--Students in 6th grade who wish to play up on the JV team may do so.

--There is still some brush clearing, hedges and flowerbed work, and playground work to do. If you can volunteer, let us know.

--if you can help answer phones or help with the library, let us know!

--If you can help do some cleaning/janitorial work 1x or more a week, let us know!

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