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Hi Parents, we have a couple of volunteer needs:

  1. lots of weedeating--especially in the back of the building. Fortunately, we should be at the end of this for the year! Can you come weedeat this week? Can your older student weedeat?! Please let us know.

  2. We have a little work to do to finish getting the gym ready for basketball season. Most importantly, we need help laying the floor down in the hospitality suite. We also have some banners to hang, need to clean the glass on the goals, a couple of white boards to hang, and get a few other things finalized!

  3. We also need help mounting a couple of more TVs on the wall!


Warrior Day is next Friday, 10/15. Please go online to the store or by the office to pay for your student's Warrior Day shirt. We will also need parents to help that day as volunteers. If you are available, please let us know.

CALLING ALL BALLERS--OK, just anyone....

We will have a little fun match up between moms, older sisters, teachers v. Lady Warriors and dads, older brothers, teachers v. Warriors at our Navy White Night. If you think you'd like to play, please let us know asap!


Basketball season is upon us. We need parents who can help with working the gate and the concession stand. Mrs. McCleskey will be building out a game volunteer sheet, please contact her about which games you can help with. We also need a parent to oversee the concession stand--you will have workers, but will be responsible to coordinate orders, handle the funds, and provide oversight. HELP!!!


We are looking for willing parents to help with some of the school events. The calendar is full with lots of great events--pep rallies, scholar induction, student showcase, homecoming, Spring formal, Spring follies, and much more! If you are willing to be a part of our event efforts, please email and we will be in touch!


As we enter the time of year that the weather changes and students sometimes don't feel too well, we want to remind everyone the policy for absences. Truancy is one thing that is regulated for private and public schools alike. We are required to report the number of absences, excused and unexcused. Please review the student handbook and refresh yourself with our attendance policy. It is critical for students to be at school when at all possible, especially upper level students. Once students miss class lectures, they've lost vital information that would help them with the mastery of the material. Further, they will often get behind on assignments, which can be very difficult to catch up.


  1. If your student is going to be absent, call the office that morning and advise the school.

  2. The handbook outlines excused absences as “personal illness, death in the family, a family emergency, or other absences approved in advance by the school. All other absences are considered unexcused.”

  3. If a student is absent because of sickness, he/she must provide a doctor's note after the second missed absence a semester for illness.

  4. When a student's absence is unexcused they will have make up work for the purpose of ensuring mastery but will NOT receive a grade for the work. This can significantly impact a student's GPA.

Attendance is one of the greatest indicators of academic success. The more school a student misses, the more vulnerable they are academically. All parents are urged to help with attendance. Please notify the office on the day of absence, please provide the school the appropriate doctor's note, and work closely with administration if an absence is necessary.


We are off this Friday and Monday for FALL BREAK. Enjoy!!!

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