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LA News: Week of January 9th

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

This Week's Schedule:

  • Monday (1/9/23): HOME Basketball Games v. Horatio. JG, SG, SB. The first game begins at 5:30 pm. The senior boys' game will be a rematch after the Warriors defeated the Lions in the championship game of the Genoa Tournament. Come out MONDAY NIGHT and cheer on the Warriors!

  • Tuesday, (1/10/23): Rhetoric level new Woodworking class begins.

  • Tuesday (1/10/23): Scholars Mentor Meeting--during Flex Time.

  • Thursday, (1/12/23): HOME Basketball Games v. Arkansas Christian Academy. JG, JB, SG, SB, first game begins at 4 pm

  • Friday, (1/13/23) AWAY Basketball games v. Gospel Light, JB, SG, SB. the first game begins at 430pm. Gym Address: 600 Garland Avenue, Hot Springs, AR 71913 (on Gospel Light's campus downtown Hot Springs). The bus will leave campus at 1:45pm.

  • Saturday, (1/14/23) AWAY Pee Wee Games in KIRBY. The first game begins at noon and will be played in the following order: 12pm: 3/4 boys, 12:45 3/4 girls, 1:30pm: 5/6 girls, 2:15pm: 5/6 boys. Gym Address: 2614 AR-27, Kirby, AR 71950.


  • Saturday 1/14-Saturday 1/21, UMPIRE Junior High Tournament. 5pm JG. 6PM JB.

Basketball season is in its hard and fast final run through January. Regional and State Tournament will be held in February. It will be busy, fast, and furious for a few weeks before it wraps up for the year.


Junior boys will not have after-school practice on Monday since they do not play Monday night. JG, SG, and SB will have a light practice, shooting, and team meeting to prepare for the games.

MONDAY NIGHT GAMES v Horatio beginning at 5:30pm:

v. Horatio The JG game will begin at 5:30pm

Estimated times for the following games: SG 6:30pm SB 7:30pm

Horatio will bring a big crowd so let's pack out the stands and cheer on our teams!


We are getting very close to completing the new daycare after various delays. If you know anyone who would be a good fit to work for the daycare please encourage them to apply. We will announce the opening date soon but are aiming for some time in February or early March.

COUNSELING: Mr. & Mrs. Nix:

The Nixes are with us this week. We are grateful to have their partnership and ministry at Legacy Academy. Contact the office for more information about their counseling services if a situation arises that you believe these services may help your student.


Take time to read this important recap from last week's assembly for Upper-Level Students. This can become a great point of conversation and spiritual interaction with your children.


Every week, we are praying for our students and their families. We pray that you will draw strength from the Lord to follow Him, live contrary to the twisted world we live in, and raise your children in the strength of faith in Christ. If there is ever anything specific we can pray for you or your family just let us know. Send your prayer request to:

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