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LA News -- Week of April 24th

Coming Up This Week

  • Monday 3:00-4:30 -- Senior Boys basketball practice

  • Tuesday 3:00-4:30 -- Girls' basketball practice

  • Wednesday 3:00-4:30 -- Track practice

  • Friday 3:00-4:30 -- Track practice

Capstone Presentations -- May 4

The final presentations of our senior Capstone projects will be taking place on Thursday, May 4th at 12:30pm.

The Legacy Academy Capstone project reflects the student’s journey through the three stages of learning - knowledge, understanding, and wisdom - culminating in a presentation on the selected topic that chronicles their journey, learning, and accomplishments. Our three senior students will be presenting on the following topics.

  • Ethan Gallagher - Training to be a Pilot

  • Dori Bartek - Filmmaking

  • Benjamin Lovell - Building a Chair

HCAA State Track Meet -- May 6

Track practices are 3-4:30 on Wednesdays and Fridays.

The state meet is on May 6. Students are encouraged to work at home to build endurance for their races.

Daycare Help

There are a few things to be done to help finish out the daycare. Can you donate a few hours to help put together furniture and toys, hang blinds, or help set up things? Please let us know!

Contact Mrs. McCleskey at


Parents should all have received re-enrollment forms this week for next year. Please complete one per family. You can access the digital version here: Any questions should be directed to the office.

Parent Surveys

As part of Legacy's commitment to excellence and to continual growth and development, we have created some parent surveys that we would ask you to complete. Answering this survey is also helpful in our ongoing accreditation process. Please thoughtfully consider and answer these questions. There are no right or wrong answers. This is simply a tool to give us a clear understanding of how we can improve as a school.

Please complete one parent survey per family.

If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Fisk at

High School Entrepreneurship

Our high school finance class has been divided into two teams, which are in competition with each other. Each team has been given startup money and is running small businesses between now and May 10. Teams will be judged on the operation of their business and their profitability. One team will be hosting events and selling tickets for these events. The other team will be offering services to parents, particularly in the car line. Please indulge our students as they take this first endeavor in entrepreneurship and small business.

Spring Formal was a Success!

Thank you to our Spring Formal team for a great job well done. The formal was a true success!

Photos from K and Pre-K's Earth Day Field Trip

Classically Different Articles

Here are a few great recent articles from the Association of Classical Christian Schools. Please take a few minutes and read these great resources.

1. Who is Shaping Your Children--why every moment of influence matters.

2. Raising Kids who raise the bar--why it is important to build a strong work ethic in your children!

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