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LA News -- September 12th

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

Founder's Day Meetings in Progress--Watch for your Invite!

Founders' Meetings are a new endeavor this year at Legacy Academy for parents to meet and talk with Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher. They will be small groups of parents - without children - to have coffee and cake. Two have been held so far. Keep an eye out for an invitation and please make every effort to make the date that you are invited for, while we understand that are conflicts that arise.

Scholar Induction--September 22 Mark your calendar!

Scholar Induction, our first formal event of the year, is happening on Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 pm. The ceremony will induct new students into our four student stages: Rookies (K-2); Protégés (3-6); Apprentices (7-9); and Scholars (10-12).

We will be promoting our newest Rookies, Proteges, and Apprentices. We will also be setting in our newest Scholars as those who uphold the standards of Legacy Academy, honoring their journey, and praying with them and their parents. All students should attend and wear their formal uniform.

This is one of our unique formal events at Legacy Academy that helps us define the culture of our school and celebrate what it means to be part of our family: Joyfully Different.

9/23 1 pm Early Dismissal

Mark your calendar that students will be dismissed early for early dismissal at 1 pm on Friday, 9/23 for teacher inservice.

ASHLEE FISK BENEFIT 10/14 Before Navy/White Night

SAVE THE DATE. We will hold a benefit dinner to help Ashlee Fisk with out-of-pocket medical expenses, related to her cancer treatments on Friday, October 14, 2022, at 5 pm in the auditorium. BBQ Chicken, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, and desserts will be sold. The dinner will be held in the auditorium & plates will be available for sale to go, as well. All of the area community is invited. We need the following:

  • 2-3 Parents to oversee this effort and take the lead.

  • 3-4 dads who can help Dr. Lofton grill that afternoon.

  • 5-6 parents to help the cafeteria team make the sides in bulk a couple of days before (potato salad, baked beans, etc)

  • Most families make at least 1 dessert.

More details will be coming soon. In the meantime, please reply today if you can help organize this event or email

Concession Stand--Work Schedule

This year, all athlete's parents have been added to a concession stand work schedule. This schedule will be sent out later this week. If you cannot work on your scheduled day, please switch with another parent. If your student is not an athlete and you would like to get some of your family's mandatory volunteer hours by serving in the concession stand, simply ask Mrs. McCleskey to add you to the schedule. For any questions related to this, you may email her at

Absences Matter!

Just a reminder that absences and tardies must be logged and reported to the state for public and private schools alike in order to be in compliance with Arkansas truancy laws. All students must have a doctor's note or valid excuse in compliance with the handbook in order for an absence to be counted as excused. Missing school has a terrible impact on students academically and creates a real burden for the student and the teaching staff alike. Please be sure to contact the office if your student is going to be out. Please be sure to have a valid excuse for them. Please require them to be at school when at all possible.

First Student Council Elections Held

This week saw Legacy Academy's first ever elections for our Student Council, including voting in our President (Senior Dori Bartek), Vice President (Junior Maddie Lowrey), Spirit Commissioner (Sophomore Oaklee Lofton), and Secretary (Freshman James Bartek).

Joining our four officers will be six class representatives from each of our Upper-Level classes. These include Beth Sparks (Seventh), Nicholas Lovell (Eighth), Lilly Tucker (Freshman), Rayne McDonald (Sophomore), Joseph McCullough (Junior), Ethan Gallagher (Senior). Together they will be the voice of the students to the school administration, help organize school activities, and learn more about how to serve the school and their classmates through a position of servant leadership.

Junior & Senior Trip to OKBU

Our junior and senior students had a great trip to Oklahoma Baptist University for a Literary Conference and College Readiness Track. They heard some inspiring lectures on the power of literature and the purpose of education, and they also got to experience some college lectures and gain a taste of college life, as they look forward to their next steps after life at Legacy Academy.

Here are a few other pictures from last week!

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