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LA News -- September 19th

Scholar Induction - THIS Thursday, 9/22

Scholar Induction, our first formal event of the year, is happening on Thursday, September 22 at 6:30 pm in the LA Auditorium, setting new students into our four student stages: Rookies (K-2); Protégés (3-6); Apprentices (7-9); and Scholars (10-12). All students are expected to attend and should wear their formal uniforms.

Parents of our newly inducted Scholars play an important role in the induction ceremony. If you are a parent of a new Scholar and are unable to make it, please contact Mrs. Kesterson in the office.

Early Dismissal--Friday 9/23 1 pm

Mark your calendar that students will be dismissed early for early dismissal at 1 pm on Friday, 9/23 for teacher inservice.

Otter Basketball on Friday 9/23

Basketball trainer Jason Otter will be on campus this Friday. This unexpected visit is a welcomed addition to the calendar as we prepare for basketball season! Although school dismisses at 1pm on Friday senior team members should plan to stay and practice until 4 pm. If it is decided by Mr. Otter to work with a smaller number of players each time he's here, we will advise athletes and their parents before Friday. All senior high teams players should plan to stay until 4pm at this time.

10/14 Warrior Day, Ms. Fisk Benefit & Navy-White Night

Friday October 14th is a big day on the LA calendar: we have Warrior Day; a Benefit Dinner for Ms. Fisk at 5pm in the auditorium; and Navy-White night in the gym!

We will need parent help for a number of different things in the lead-up and on the day, including helping prepare food for the Benefit Dinner, and parents to play in the parents v. student basketball games!

If you can help with the benefit please contact Mrs. McCleskey. We need all families to help with desserts and we will need help with cooking sides at the school that week, as well as set up, workers during the event serving, grillers on the day of, and more.

If you are a parent or older sibling interested in participating in the Navy/White night, please let Mr. Smallwood know:

Founders' Day Meetings: Watch for Your Invite

Founders' Meetings are a new endeavor this year at Legacy Academy for parents to meet and talk with Mr. and Mrs. Gallagher. They will be small groups of parents - without children - to have coffee and cake. Two have been held so far. Keep an eye out for an invitation and please make every effort to make the date that you are invited for, while we understand that are conflicts that arise.

Concession Stand Schedule

This year, all athlete's parents have been added to a concession stand work schedule. This schedule will be sent out later this week. If you cannot work on your scheduled day, please switch with another parent. If your student is not an athlete and you would like to get some of your family's mandatory volunteer hours by serving in the concession stand, simply ask Mrs. McCleskey to add you to the schedule. For any questions related to this, you may email her at

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