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LA News - October 23

PeeWee Practices

There will be PeeWee practices today, Sunday, October 24.

The regular practice schedule is listed below, and we will release the game schedule once we have confirmed it with the other schools.

  • Girls 3/4 and 5/6 teams - Sundays 1:30-2:30pm, Tuesdays 3-4pm

  • Boys 3/4 and 5/6 teams - Sundays 2:30-3:30pm, Thursdays 3-4pm

If you are interested in helping, please let us know!

Basketball Games

Basketball season started well for our teams this week and is now if full swing. As a reminder, the current schedule for the whole year can be found HERE.

This week's games are:

  • Tuesday 4:30 Home v. Cornerstone JB, JG, SB

  • Thursday 5:00 Home v. Ambassador JB, JG, SB

Scholar Induction Ceremony

The 2021 Scholar Induction Ceremony date has moved due to a back-log on the order of the blazers for our new LA Scholars. We are experience terrible delays on most things we've ordered this year.

This is now set for Wednesday, November 10th. Further details will be forthcoming over the next week.

Help Needed

Please remember that the school runs on the volunteer power of our parents. Family involvement is one of the special things about Legacy Academy that most ensures its success. Here are some current ways we need help:

  • final round of mowing, weedeating--especially behind the school.

  • help with a list of maintenance items

  • volunteers to help in the classrooms at times.

  • volunteers for keeping game and the concession stand at games.

Thank You to Our Athletic Boosters!

The Warriors and Lady Warriors would like to give a huge thank you to the local individuals and businesses who have generously given to sponsor our athletic program. We know all our players, parents, and coaches are grateful for your support that keeps the gym looking great for each and every game, helps provide uniforms, warm-ups, new sideline chairs and helps us Work Hard and Play Hard!

  • Stilwell's Restaurant

  • Dr. Jason Lofton & AMP Fitness

  • Magnolia Meadows Farm

  • Michael Alexander Logging

  • Southern Bancorp

  • ATP Roofing, LLC

  • Weyerhaeuser

  • Dorsey Heat & Air

  • Mickey Buchanan, Attorney at Law

  • 102.1 The Good Path

  • Hale Real Estate

  • Simple Simons Pizza

  • Dr. Walker

  • Baker's

  • Wilkerson Funeral Home

  • Harris Drug

  • Dr. Teed

  • De Queen Abstract Company

  • Kenny Dozers

  • Lockesburg Lions Club

  • Grace Automotive (Lockesburg)

  • Daryl Mitchell, LCSW

  • First State Bank

  • Bailey Discount Building Supply

  • Lawrence Pest Control

  • Prime Meat

  • Revels & Company

  • Top Line Custom Logos & Monograms

Attendance Policy & Absence Protocols

As we enter the time of year that the weather changes and students sometimes don't feel too well, we want to remind everyone the policy for absences. Truancy is one thing that is regulated for private and public schools alike. We are required to report the number of absences, excused and unexcused. Please review the student handbook and refresh yourself with our attendance policy. It is critical for students to be at school when at all possible, especially upper level students. Once students miss class lectures, they've lost vital information that would help them with the mastery of the material. Further, they will often get behind on assignments, which can be very difficult to catch up.


  1. If your student is going to be absent, call the office that morning and advise the school.

  2. The handbook outlines excused absences as “personal illness, death in the family, a family emergency, or other absences approved in advance by the school. All other absences are considered unexcused.”

  3. If a student is absent because of sickness, he/she must provide a doctor's note after the second missed absence a semester for illness.

  4. When a student's absence is unexcused they will have to make up work for the purpose of ensuring mastery but will NOT receive a grade for the work. This can significantly impact a student's GPA.

Attendance is one of the greatest indicators of academic success. The more school a student misses, the more vulnerable they are academically. All parents are urged to help with attendance. Please notify the office on the day of absence, please provide the school the appropriate doctor's note, and work closely with administration if an absence is necessary.

Our Sports Philosophy

Basketball is a lot of fun and it is a sport that a small school like ours can more easily compete in, as it requires fewer students than some sports. We have also added track and are looking at other sports for the future. Sports can positively add to the culture and enjoyment of school life. However, sports, as evident across society can add the wrong things to a culture when not handled correctly. For us, sports will always be a tool to develop our students. While we never want to lose, winning will never be our greatest aim or our highest priority. In fact, learning how to lose and taking lessons out of things that don't end as we want is an invaluable lesson many in society have missed. Above all, we want to use sports to point our students toward Christ, to reject wrong values (pride, self-centeredness, laziness, disrespect, etc) and honor and reinforce things that are noble (others before self, hard work, determination, others before self, respect, etc). It's important that students learn to work with others--a team sport can do that. It's important they learn how to respond to decisions they don't like--a ref can provide those! It's important they do things that maybe they thought they couldn't, or didn't feel they'd be good at just so they realize they can take on more than they thought. It's important they learn that there is no substitute for hard work and effort in anything that you want results in. It's important that they learn how you treat each other matters and a little encouragement can go a long ways.

Our basketball players can tell you that the most primary focus in our program is their character, their heart choices and development, and their individual pathway to following Christ. This is emphasized over winning. We often tell them that sports is fun and enjoyable, but it is normally short lived in one's life. However, who they are as humans will matter forever, so we focus on the lessons that matter the most. Our players know a wrong attitude will get them in much worse trouble than a game mistake.

Sadly, many places and people worship sports and those who play sports at a professional level. Regularly, Mr. Gallagher mentions to our players that those guys are talented and fun to watch, but that they are not worthy of our admiration as role models because their lives too often represent foolish and sinful choices that will not gain God's pleasure. We will always see sports as a tool to be used and fun to be had and will never let it be an idol. Deuteronomy 4:24 says, "For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God." and with all He's done for us He has every right to be. He desires to be first in our lives--ahead of sports, other people, making money, or any desire that arises in the human heart.

So while the season before us is filled with the promise of fun and great memories, please know that behind it all we will work hard to stay focused on what matters the most!


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