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LA News -- Merry Christmas!

Founder Notes

Christmas time is a time that provokes a great deal of emotion for everyone. There's nostalgia, excitement, and joy, and many times there is also pain, grief, and sadness for the loss of those we love or because things are not as they should be. Disappointment is real and it can not only hurt but it can put us in prison forever, if we let it. We have to allow our hearts to feel these pains and place our hope in Christ that in Him the greatest and most beautiful life awaits us.

Christmas is a time of reflection. It should impress upon our hearts that we are greatly loved and highly valued by God. Despite humanity's failings and rejection, Christmas represents God's determined commitment to executing an extraordinary redemption plan. It tells us that if we choose to become true followers of Christ we were made for something well beyond this life-we were created for HIM and in Him we are destined to find the contentment, joy, satisfaction, and purpose that nothing in this world can offer. Our best days are out before us.

This world will never fully fulfill us. We make many attempts to find fulfillment in family, relationships, work, achievement, finance, possessions, gratifications, and more. Yet, we were made for so much more. All the dreams and desires we have in our hearts for this life are just hints of the life to come in Him. It is important to dream, to risk, to live big, and to desire. If we look back at Eden and the early days of Adam and Eve, we can see that they lived amazing lives of strength, comfort, fulfillment, and purpose. All of our giftings and unique talents were placed in us for a world to come--for a time when we step into immortality and live the fullness of life that Adam and Eve once knew.

Everything wonderful, beautiful, and exciting in this life is just a glimpse of all we were truly made for as His sons and daughters. Until all things are as they should be, we must allow the passions of our hearts to be stirred and activated. We cannot let our passions and desires become fixed on anything but HIM and His purposes, but we also cannot allow passion to die. We mustn't stop dreaming, stop taking risks, or stop living passionately. The true Christian life is not meant to be dead, boring, or broken. It is exhilarating, exciting, and thrilling. It is full of risk and passion. Our lives, as Christians, are a story to unfold where our gifts, talents, and dreams are activated.

As you enjoy the Christmas season, reflect upon your life and the journey. Allow your heart to feel the pains and grief, and the disappointments life has brought. Confront the stagnation, the anger, the bitterness, the sorrows. As believers, there is so much life beyond this world. This is just the beginning and eternity will be amazing (full, busy, active, and beautiful)--it will be like this life but so much better without sin and sorrow.

Disappointments will not last forever. Allow your heart to begin to hope again. Allow your heart to be full, and excited. Dream again. Look forward again. Resist the temptation to fixate your passion on external things, but allow the passion you have for those things to train you and grow you and keep your heart moving towards the true meaning and purposes we can only find in Him. Awaken your heart this season and offer it to Christ anew and afresh.

From our hearts to your family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and are so very thankful for all God has provided us. You and your students are in our hearts and among our greatest blessings. As we enjoy the holiday, we thank God for each LA family and student and pray that He pours His life, grace, love, and instruction into your hearts. In Him, we live, move, and have our being!

This week:

Peewee Practice

Tuesday 12/26

5/6 girls and boys form 5-6:30pm

Thursday 12/28

2-4th girls and boys from 5-6:30

Warriors' Practice

Thursday 10am-12pm Boys Practice (ALL Junior high and senior boys teams)

Lady Warriors' Practice

Tu 12/26 3-5pm

Th 12/28 3-5pm

The new semester begins when we all return to school on Tuesday, January 2, 2024. See you then!

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