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August is Here and a New School Year is Coming!


This weekend is tax-free weekend in Arkansas and Texas for school supplies and school clothes. Find our school supply list at the link here. All clothes on the school's online Warrior Shop will be tax-free, as well. Don't worry if you aren't sure on a size. Take your best guess and if you need to swap it around at the time of pick up that will be just fine. We also have some gently worn uniforms cleaned up and dropped off by families who have outgrown certain sizes. These will be deeply discounted and sold on racks at the Warrior shop the remainder of the month.

Remember that you may buy your khaki pants, skirts, and shorts from anywhere, while all polos and oxfords must be purchased at the Warrior Shop. Please remember that pants may not be form fitting. They must be loose and this will be strictly enforced this year. All shorts and skirts must be knee length. Please refresh yourself on the dress code here.

Beginning this year, the Warrior Shop will not be carrying any khaki pants, shorts, or skirts. We simply cannot compete with the price that they can be found elsewhere and cannot tie up the resources to stock all sizes and varieties. We still have some stock left over from last year that we will be for sale in the shop.

Don't forget to purchase athletic clothes for students entering 6th grade and up.


There is a LOT of activity taking place right now on campus. The floors are being buffed, new flooring has arrived, and there is still some touch up painting to do, furniture to move, light bulbs to change, books to unpack, sort and stamp, rooms to decorate, and much more. The campus also needs mowed and weedeated again after the recent rain. There is something to do every single day. If you can, please come volunteer. We can line up things for you to do during the day or some evenings. This request is time-sensitive so all families are asked to pitch in!

All families sign a commitment to volunteer a set number of hours every year. This year, we will have a system to scan and track those volunteer hours. More details on this are to come soon.

Also, we are looking to hire someone to lay some flooring and to soon pour a new sidewalk and create a covered walkway. If you know someone we should consider, please call the office 870.642.8937.


This week, all families will receive an updated statement for the new year regarding scholarship awards, tuition payments, and be asked to complete any missing paperwork. Please work swiftly with the office to help with this. We are fortunate that more of our eligible families have received some additional scholarships helping reduce direct out of pocket costs. We are so thankful for the organizations that help provide various scholarships to our students.

An effort is being made to move all families on a monthly payment plan to a 9-month plan. In the past we have financed a school year's worth of tuition over 12 months to help families have lower payments. This means families are still paying in the summer for something they "charged" or used already--the previous school year. However, a couple of departing families in the past have simply elected to stop payment and not honor their own signed commitment to pay for what they have already been provided. Since each family signs a commitment to pay, we could file a lien, get a judgment, or enact a garnishment. We find it easiest to simply adjust the options we give families. Once you see your tuition set up for the new year, please let the office know if you'd like to request a different pay schedule. In addition to being set up on auto draft, all families who elect to pay their tuition out monthly will be required to have a credit card on file in case their bank draft is returned insufficient. We are happy to work with each family on the finances and your help for it to be streamlined and smooth is greatly appreciated.

Please remember that Curriculum fees are due before school starts. K-12 Curriculum Fees are $175. Pre-K is $75. Students who have received a Succeed Scholarship are not required to pay a separate Curriculum fee, because the Succeed scholarship (only) covers this expense.

If you've elected to pay tuition out in monthly installments, it will draft for the new year for the first time on September 5th and will draft on the 5th day of the month every month thereafter until paid in full.


The new Philanthropic scholarship, managed by The Reform Alliance, pays FULL tuition for eligible students entering Kindergarten or transferring from a pubic school to a private school. Don't miss this great opportunity to help a family enroll their students for the first time. Spread the word quickly because it will close very soon! Call the office for details 870.642.8937


This fall, Legacy Academy will be opening a daycare in the former Lockesburg JT Counts Daycare facility located on campus. Over the next couple of months we will be upgrading the facility, installing new playground equipment, and hiring new staff! It will not be open when school starts but soon! We are very excited to announce that our very own Mrs. Leslie McCleskey, who has been with us for 13 years, will be the new daycare director. The daycare will serve children from newborn infants up. This will compliment our already bustling Pre-K program. We will likely open late fall/early winter. If you'd like to reserve a spot in the daycare, you may call the office to fill out an application and get more details. First priority will be given to Legacy faculty and siblings of current Legacy Academy students. If you or anyone you know may be interested in working in the daycare, please let us know. More details will be forthcoming soon. We are very excited about adding this service for the community.


We will host our Open House & Orientation on August 25th. This meeting is required for ALL families. If you have students in both the Upper and Lower Levels, please have two parents or adults present at Orientation since we will at some point break into separate groups and meet separately with just Upper Level parents.

More details will come next week!

Our first day of School is August 29th. You can see the full calendar for the year HERE.


If you can drive a bus for athletic events--we need you! If you're willing to take the test, we will pay for it!

We are also needing more substitutes for the new year. Please call the office 870.642.8937 for more details.

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