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A New School Year Is Coming

It's July and a new school year will be here before we know it. We wanted to update all of our families about the new year approaching with regards to Covid-19. It is our full intention to have all of our students back on campus every day in class for the entire school year. To achieve this we will be taking as many precautions as necessary. We will increase our sanitizing efforts, set up sanitizer for the students to use throughout the entire building and require it be used regularly, and we will spread out our students in the classroom. Fortunately, we have large classrooms and small classes. Our small class size and our set up as a private school will allow us to navigate through the new year. We understand that there could be some future development that changes things but as a private school we are not subject to the same mandates the public schools must follow. Since we serve a smaller population we are also in a better situation for controlling sanitation and other precautionary methods. We will also have a Level 2 contingency plan if we need to take higher level precautions. This would include a change in recess, lunch rotations, and other gatherings. Masks will not be required of any students. However, we will have masks on hand if a parent prefers a student wear a mask. We will also have masks available for our teachers and staff, if needed.

If your student lives with someone who is especially vulnerable to the virus or you want to discuss specific concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will work with each family to help meet your needs and we will be making extraordinary efforts to ensure students can continue receiving their education with as much normalcy as possible, while also staying safe.


It is time to begin conditioning and off season basketball workouts. This will initially be with a couple of days a week for the boys and the girls. This year girls basketball will be coached by Zebbie Launius and Cassidy Wright together. Coach Launius will be in touch to set up some initial workouts for the girls. Coach Gallagher will send out a practice schedule for the boys, as well.


We are currently evaluating the shuttle we run from De Queen to Lockesburg. We are trying to determine how many families need the shuttle this coming year, how many could instead carpool with others, and how we will run it with Covid, if we are able to do so at all. At school we can socially distance more effectively than is possible on the shuttle. If you are interested in the shuttle please follow this link and complete the shuttle form for 2020-21.


As a reminder, uniform shirts and athletic clothes (for logic and rhetoric level) must be purchased through the Warrior Shop. Khaki or navy pants, shorts, and skirts may be purchased anywhere. Click the link to closely review all uniform guidelines. You may make your purchases online through the Warrior Shop by clicking on the store tab found on the school website.

Readying Campus

There are a lot of projects necessary to ready the campus for a new year. Our first two projects include laying a new floor in the cafeteria and cleaning/painting in the Pre-K building. We need guys with flat hoes to start popping up the cafeteria floor NOW, readying it for the new one. If you can help with that please contact Justin Winton, who is coordinating. We'd like to get this done asap. His mobile is 910.546.3005. If you are an upper level student entering your freshman year or higher, then you must begin getting service hours now. All Freshman-Seniors must participate in at least one summer work project. You will receive hours for these. Mrs. McCleskey will be in touch with you about this!

Tuition & Student Accounts

Be sure you have made arrangements with the office for the new year to have your student account payment plan in place by August 5th. Please be reminded that scholarship requests should be made each year. If you are seeking any tuition assistance, please complete the scholarship application, which can be found HERE on the website. Remember that all curriculum fees are due by August 15th.


We are grateful that Mrs. Hossenlopp will be returning to teach music again this year. We will soon have a memo out from her with details on instruments.

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