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Week of July 17th--LA News

Happy Summertime, Warrior Nation! Everyone is in full effort to get ready for the new school year and it IS going to be our very best year yet! We have already broken records with our highest enrollment ever and most importantly are looking forward to a year of growing together in Christ.

Psalms 106 is a powerful psalm that urges us not to forget all God has done for us. It retells the story of all God did for the Israelites and after each mention of miracles, provision, the kindness shown to them, and help given the psalmist says that they forgot Him and all He did for them. In fact, the scripture says they went on to grumble and complain (v25) and soon they found themselves mingling with the other nations and serving their idols, eventually sacrificing their own children to the enemy (v35-39). It's an incredible reminder to all of us that while we can each think of things to complain about, and find something to grumble over or criticize--it is a dangerous path to go down. We can easily find ourselves ungrateful for all God has done for us and as we complain on one hand we lead ourselves to something much worse. The next thing we know, like the Israelites, we too can find that we have compromised our faith and allowed the wrong to influence our hearts. We see in verse 37 that it is the children who pay the greatest price.

Fortunately, those who went before us have their stories recorded in the Bible so we can learn from them and not repeat their same mistakes. As we approach a new school year, let us all commit our hearts anew and afresh to remember all God has done for us, be grateful for what we do have, and guard against the darkness of the world creeping into our hearts and homes subtly. Together, we can encourage one another and fill our children with grace, strength, and faith!


The Lady Warriors will host Umpire, and Mineral Springs on Tuesday in a series of games.

The Lady Warriors will play Umpire at 10 am and play Mineral Springs at 1 pm.

Please let Coach Smallwood know if you can help and most importantly, please come out and cheer on the ladies!


Come and shoot and get ready for Tuesday's games!



We have broken our own records with our highest enrollment ever. There are still places in some grades. Share the joy and success of Legacy Academy with your friends. The best story about Legacy Academy is your story!


We are still trying to hire one more lower-level teacher because of our growth and one additional upper level. We are also hiring an additional housekeeping position! Contact the office for more details.


The new daycare, Bright Beginnings, is now enrolling for our August 28th opening. Spots are first come first serve but priority is given to families with students enrolled in K-12. Don't miss your spot!


Note that all curriculum fees are due August 15th. You'll receive your detailed invoice from the office soon!


Renovations continue on campus. This week we are installing the covered sidewalk from the main campus to the daycare building. We have also hired an architectural firm from Little Rock to handle the design work for our campus site plan and new proposed buildings. A very exciting time!


Mr. Wright and Ms. Gallagher were married on July 8th at a beautiful wedding. After a honeymoon in the Bahamas, they will be back working full effort for the new school year. Congrats, Wrights!

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