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Virtual Courses Begin for Upper Level Students

Virtual Courses will begin for Upper Level students on Wednesday, March 18th. Each course will vary. Some courses will post videos of the teacher explaining material, along with instructions and course work in the Classroom for that course inside Google Classroom. All students in our Upper Level will have familiarity using Google Classroom. Some courses will also meet at scheduled times for live streamed video classes. The links below shows the schedule. There are also instructions on how to use Zoom for streamed classes. We will add these documents to our website under the resources section.

If you have questions or need technical help, please contact Mr. Ward ( , Mr. Wright ( , Ms. Fisk ( , or Mrs. Tatum ( for assistance.

We will also be arranging some one on one tutoring that can still be provided in person at the school. Please closely monitor Google Classroom with your student for all course announcements.

Three documents below. Follow each link.

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