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Legacy Academy Update

As we approach next week, our last week of school, it seems hard to believe that we've all experienced this unprecedented and bizarre virus. Unfortunately, we were not able to return to class in person, as we had hoped since the state's directive limiting gatherings to fifty or less would prohibit us from being together next week. One thing that has been abundantly clear through this entire situation is how important relationships are and how much we all need human connection. Seeing students either on Zoom or when picking up or dropping off assignments brings the biggest smiles to our faces. It's always so good to see each one of them. Relationships are critical in life. God uses our relationships to help us grow and become like Him. It's through relationship with one another that we find encouragement, development, needed rebuke, adjustments, consolation, love, compassion, care, kindness, and help. We need each other and we cannot take our relationship for granted. Let's use this virus as an opportunity to take stock of our relationships and how much we value those God has brought into our lives.


FRIDAY, MAY 22ND, 6-8PM CELEBRATION! To celebrate our students and parents with their great efforts to push through the last two months of virtual schooling, we will hold a COME AND GO END OF YEAR CELEBRATION on Friday, May 22nd. Teachers will have stations set up in the parking lot with entertainment and treats for the students. Please bring all books to drop off and we will have any student belongings left at the school for your students to pick up, as well. We will also host a SPIRIT AWARD for the family vehicle that displays the most school spirit so decorate your vehicle! We also want parents and students to be decked out in Warrior gear and show us all your school spirit! We will remind everyone to practice social distancing while on campus and stay at least six feet apart.


Teachers have been posting some fun videos and memes to honor missing Spring Follies this year. We hope you've enjoyed them. Now it's your turn! Families are asked to post funny videos, skits, parodies, memes and anything that fits Spring Follies to the Legacy Academy Facebook page! You've now been challenged---Go!!!


Reports cards and student profiles will be sent out to the Friday after school is out. Consideration will be giving to the unique situation we've had due to the Coronavirus that has impacted learning for the last quarter.


Now's the time to re-enroll! Please complete the Intent to Reenroll Form by clicking HERE.


We've submitted a request to the Arkansas Department of Health to schedule our Honors program and our graduation. We will announce the set date as quickly as we can, hopefully we can announce it next week.


We are currently formatting a plan for this summer to offer students tutoring. The Summer Tutoring Program will be offered to students who must have tutoring in order to be promoted to the next grade level and to students who simply need some additional help and reinforcement going into the new year.


This summer we want to replace the cafeteria floor, power wash the exterior of the gym, paint the front block of the gym, clean out the shop and set it up for classes and use, clean up the old Lockesburg Daycare, assembly some playground equipment and more. We will need everyone's help. Please be on the look out for Workdays and please sign up to help. If everyone pitches in we can make quick work of the tasks at hand!


We plan to distribute yearbooks and host a time for students to sign yearbooks at our Honor's Program or Graduation. As soon as we have that scheduled, we will let you know. We hope to know next week. Order your yearbook by clicking HERE.


The school is growing and we will be hiring several new teachers for the new school year. Please help us spread the word to anyone you know who would be a great fit for our students!


Now that the tenant we had has moved out of the Pre-K building on campus, we will be preparing it to use and to expand our Pre-K services in Lockesburg. Please pass the word so we can fill our slots for Pre-k!


If you have a tuition balance that is not covered by an existing payment plan, please contact the office to arrange payment for your account.

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Stephanie B
Stephanie B
Sep 26, 2022

Thank youu for being you

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