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LA Update--First Day, Monday, August 30th

What a great Orientation and Open House we had together Friday night. It was so good to see students and their families. We are looking forward to a great year together.

Here's a few notes we wanted to mention:

  • Drop off time begins at 730am. Drop students off and pick them up using the pull through on the north end of the building. To walk your student in to the building please park in the parking lot and come in the main doors in the center of the building.

  • Before class time, Upper Level students must go to the cafeteria or to the Upper Level (south end) playground. They are not to go to the Lower Level playground unless they've been assigned there for service hours. They may also arrange with the overseeing teacher to be in the Empowerment Lab or Library before school.

  • Lower level students who arrive before 8am will go to the north end, lower level playground unless a teacher takes them inside for inclement weather.

  • There will be service hour opportunities for students before and after school. You might consider if you want your student to arrive early for a morning assignment.

  • Reminder: all Upper Level Students do need Athletic clothes.

  • If students arrive and are not in uniform, we will call you and you can bring a uniform or we can sell them the items they need, same for their athletic clothes.

  • Students old enough to drive to school may do so with their parents' permission. They must provide a copy of their license, registration, proof of insurance, and complete a Vehicle on Campus form with parental signature. These may be picked up in the office.

  • Student drivers may park on the second or third row back from the gym should park first from the West side of the parking lot.

  • Please encourage your student to practice social distancing on campus as much as possible, especially staying out of one another's faces, etc.

Basketball Practice Schedule:

Some of our athletic periods in the afternoons have changed to accommodate other courses, impacting our practice schedule. Here's the updated basketball practice schedule, which will include some weight room sessions. Practice will be over at the following times each day:

  • Mondays: Boys/Girls 430pm

  • Tuesday: Boys/Girls 430pm

  • Wednesday: Girls No practice. Boys 430pm

  • Thursday: Girls 3pm/ Boys 3pm. (Open gym/open weight room until 5pm)

  • Friday: Girls/Boys 430pm

NOTE: Sixth grade girls are needed to help make a basketball team for junior high. In fact, every girl is needed to make both teams! We have more boys than girls.

Sixth grade boys are encouraged and welcome to practice with the junior boys and participate on the junior boys basketball team. However, because they will also have their own 5/6 team and 5/6 games in December and January--6th grade boys should assume they may not play in any junior high games. We will work them in if possible but want everyone to understand how that works.

Putting Him first

We are starting the new year with a focus on the verse, Matthew 6:33, "But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you." This familiar verse brings such critical counsel from Christ Himself. If we put the things of God first--our spiritual lives, obeying His word, loving and serving Him, living a life of righteousness, then all the other things that are necessary for our lives will be cared for. It's a verse about priorities. As we start a new year we are going to focus on the priority of simply putting Christ first in our decision-making, our attitudes, our thoughts, our demeanor, and all of our choices. If we do this, we are assured that everything else that concerns us will be attended to in life. We pray we can together build this into the lives of all of our students.

Let's begin our new year together with a fresh commitment to love and serve God together and to continue to build and operate a school that is excellent in academics, safe in culture, and pleasing to Him in all ways.

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