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LA News -- January 29

This WEEK:

MONDAY: 4 pm JG Game 1--HCAA 1A Junior High State Tournament v. Trinity Christian. Location: Columbia Christian School. Gym Address: 250 Warnock Springs Rd, Magnolia, AR 71753. JG will depart at 1:15 pm.

TUESDAY: 6:15 pm JB Game 1--HCAA 1A Junior High State Tournament. Location: Columbia Christian School. Gym Address:4201 Windsor Dr, Fort Smith, AR 72904. JB will depart at 2 pm.

FRIDAY: Junior Tournament Semi-Finals (if win in previous games)

SATURDAY: Junior Tournament Finals (if win in previous games)

Basketball Tournament

This week is the start of the Junior High state tournament. Our two junior teams will be competing in it, with our boys' team looking to defend their championship victory from last year! The tournament bracket is at the link.

The Senior High Regional tournament begins Thursday, February 9 for both senior boys and girls teams. The state tournament will take place the following week.

HCAA 2023 Junior High Basketball State Tournament
Download PDF • 364KB

Upper-Level Planners

Parents, your Upper-Level students have planners issued by the school. Please check these to help understand what homework your student has, when it is due, and what they have upcoming.

Projects--Help Needed

There are upcoming projects that we need volunteer help on. Let the office know if you can help with any of these:

  • haul off pallets, pipes, and other junk around the dumpster and against the back wall of the kitchen.

  • we need a little drywall work done to patch where there was once a small leak in the daycare facility.

  • We need to continue to convert our lights from old bulbs to new LED bulbs. It isn't hard and is a great way to help.

  • Flooring to lay. This is a big need. We have NEW flooring but need people to lay it. We need a crew of guys willing and able to help us lay new flooring.

Senior Night

Congratulations to our two seniors and basketball team captains, Ethan Gallagher and Dori Bartek. They each played their final home basketball game on Thursday as we honored their careers with the Legacy Warriors and Lady Warriors.

Both players have been pioneers of our program, playing in every season of Legacy basketball and being role models in every sense on and off the court. We are so proud of them both!

Capitol Field Trip

Last week was National School Choice Week and the first-ever Arkansas Parental Choice Week, which the school commemorated by traveling to Little Rock on Monday. Students in 5th grade and up traveled up for a special event hosted by the Reform Alliance to celebrate School Choice, joining a dozen other private and charter schools from around the state. Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders came to speak to all the schools, reminding us of her commitment to push through legislation allowing parents' tax dollars to follow their children to whichever school they wish to attend.

Following the event, Mr. Gallagher led the students on a tour of the Capitol Building, the heart of Arkansas government, where they met a number of Senators and Representatives, including our local Representative, Mrs. DeAnn Vaught, our State Senator Jimmy Hickey, and where we had the privilege to meet and take a photo with the Governor. The students even got to watch new laws being passed in the House of Representatives. This unique insight into the running of our state will only serve our students well, as we set train them on what it means to find their place in the will of God. As they grow and leave us, we want them to be courageous in their choices to boldly obey God, even if it means going places that they never expected -- which is exactly what we see in the Biblical heroes of Abraham, Joseph, and Paul.

The day was a great success, and you can see some highlights below.

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