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LA News -- February 5

This Week:

Monday 5:30pm – SG/SB--Makeup AWAY GAME @ Battiest, Oklahoma

GYM ADDRESS: 5635 Unit G Battiest, Pickens Creek Rd, Broken Bow, OK 74728

Tuesday 5:30pm – Last Home Game v. Blevins (SG, SB)

Wednesday--School-Wide Assembly

Thursday 4:00pm – Senior Regional Tournament: Hot Springs: SG v. CMA; 5:30 SB v. Gospel Light

Saturday: Regional Play continues in Hot Springs. Game times TBD by bracket and wins.

We have our final two regular-season basketball games this week. One in Battiest on Monday and our final home games versus Blevins. Let's pack the stands to cheer our teams on in their final home games of the season!

Monday--athletes will depart at 315pm for Battiest.

No Junior High Practice This Week

There will be no practices this week or next week after school for junior high team members. Once we complete senior high tournament play, we will set off-season practice and track practices.

Congrats to our junior high teams for their wins through the first round of the state tournament. They finished well after a well-played season!

Pee Wee Party!

When basketball season is over, we will celebrate with pee wee team parties! Parents, let us know if you can help with your player's team party. Thank you!

Campus Needs

We still need someone to haul off all the pallets, pipes, and other miscellaneous things behind the building. Let us know if you can help!

There are a few things to be done to help finish out the daycare. Can you donate a few hours to help put together furniture and toys, or help set up things? Please let us know!


We will be hiring additional daycare workers very soon! If you know of anyone, send them our way!

This Week's Emphasis

This week, we want to emphasize the deep love of God for each of our students. All of us have fallen short of God's glory. Each of us sinners in need of redemption. It is HIS love for us that offers us redemption and forgiveness and it is our true love for Him that compels us to live in a way to please Him--honoring His word and preferences.

God loves each of our students so much--and each of our parents! Each of you is precious to God. He loves you. He sent His son for you. He sees your battles. He offers forgiveness for every failure. His love is rich and deep and beyond our comprehension. It's a beautiful thing. This week, we want to emphasize the deep and abounding love of God. When we truly realize how much He loves us, how much He cares for us, and how valuable we are to Him then our lives cannot stay the same. The Lord loves you. This week, we pray that each of you and each of our students experiences the realities of the deep love of God.

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