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Homecoming--Legacy Style and other updates

All, we will have our first ever homecoming event on December 10, 2021. While future homecoming celebrations will include lots of alumni events, we want to create special traditions for our students at homecoming that also reflect our values.

All Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior girls will walk at homecoming. A homecoming queen will be selected amongst the girls, likely a senior but not always necessarily. All high school age girls will have the opportunity to vote on the queen, and this recommendation from their peers, will be combined with nominations from teachers based on academic effort and Christian character.

The intent of the event is to allow the young ladies an opportunity to enjoy dressing up, having their hair and make up done, while also focusing on the most important parts of inner beauty. A big part of the event will purposefully include the parents of the young ladies. Moms will participate in a special "get ready" time on that Friday afternoon before the ceremony. Moms and daughters will share a special time getting ready with full hair, makeup, etc. and deliberate discussions on true beauty.

Legacy ladies will be given guidelines on their dresses for the evening to ensure the focus remains on the beauty of modesty and the power of inner beauty in Christ above all else. Dads will be the first choice for escorting the young ladies in the program. Fathers play a significant role in God's word for their daughters. They provide them spiritual oversight and protection. In the absence of a father, a girl may choose a grandfather, a brother, uncle, pastor, teacher, or another important male figure in their lives.

There will also be a fun cook out the evening before with a bonfire after dark for all upper level students. Parent volunteers will be needed to make the entire experience a great one for our students. Most importantly, we want to create fun memories and events that celebrate our values and the things that are honorable and noble in life.

Next Wednesday, 11/10 at 2:15 pm there will be a meeting for girls in grades 9-12 and their moms. Moms, please plan to attend if possible!

SCHOLAR INDUCTION--Wednesday, 11/10/21 9:30 am

Next Wednesday morning is a very special time at the school. We will hold our annual scholar induction. ALL students K-12 are to wear their formal uniform on this day. The different age level students will receive their charge, which articulates what is expected of them at their age as Legacy students. Most importantly, Sophomore students and other Rhetoric level students (Sophomores-Seniors) who are new receive their navy blazers are given their charge, and make their commitment before the student body. Importantly, parents place the blazer on their students and stand with them in an important time of prayer. Parents, please plan to attend.

All Legacy Academy parents, grandparents, and family members are welcome to attend this beautiful and significant ceremony.


There will be a BEAT BATTIEST pep rally for the Friday basketball games will be at 2:40 pm in the gym! Parents, join us! ALL Warrior fans are welcomed to attend.

FRIDAY NIGHT BALL IN THE BURG! Friday Night--Warrior Gym

Home games Friday night for all 4 of our basketball teams v. Battiest, Oklahoma. It should be a great night of basketball. The junior girls play at 4:30 pm, followed by the junior boys, then the senior girls. The senior boys will play the final game of the night! Come out and support the WARRIORS!

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