ACT --Next test date is December 12th

The two most common college entrance exams in the United States are the ACT and the SAT. The ACT is more common in our part of the nation, while the SAT is more common with east coast schools. Both exams are typically accepted interchangeably. We strongly encourage Legacy Academy students to at least take the ACT, beginning in the sophomore year. Students should take the exam as often as they can until they've received a satisfactory score. We are working on setting up our ACT Academy for some guidance on the ACT. Information on that will be posted here on the website home page and on our social media as soon as it has been confirmed.

The next ACT is on December 12th and students must register online by November 6th to avoid a late fee. You can register online and receive some free test prep at:

The next SAT is to be held on December 5th and students must register online for it by November 5th. You can register online and receive some free test prep at:

We strongly encourage our sophomores and juniors to take advantage of the December test dates in order to set a baseline and see what improvements need to be made. Studies show that students typically improve every time they take the exam. These entrance exams are the primary determining factor for most American colleges on scholarships offered.

Legacy Academy does have some free vouchers for qualifying students for the ACT. Check with Mr. Gallagher. If you or your student have difficulties registering or have additional questions please see Mr. Gallagher.

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